View Laps from GPS devices in Strava mobile app

It would be great if I could see the time and average pace for manually created laps in the mobile app, such as when we do interval training. Ie for when we do 400m or mile repeats.

Thanks for the great site which just keeps getting better. 



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    Update: Recently released is the new Premium feature, Workout Analysis which is available on iOS and Android. Premium runners can now analyze their laps (from a GPS device) and splits using this feature. 

    An equivalent analysis feature is planned for other activity types like cycling, stay tuned. 

  • Please, yes! Manual laps are *much* more important than mile / km auto-laps. If there is even a single manual lap in a workout, I typically do not want to see the auto laps at all.


  • Strava is unique (at least over Garmin Connect) in that it will create Auto-laps at 1 mile increments if the recording device didn't manually record a lap, but for those that do Intervals or manually hit Lap, it must show those in Android App just like it does online.

  • Absolutely. This is a major feature for all people doing IT sessions.

  • I totally agree!  This is already good on the website so I would love to see it ported to the mobile app too.

  • Yes! Please add this. I find myself having to use Garmin connect just to see my laps. I would prefer to stay in the strava app.
  • Please, add this. I have to open Garmin app to see lap information, then go back to Strava for the rest.

  • Yes!!!!! This is the main issue that sends me to the PC!  Viewable laps on the mobile app would be great !

  • Yes, this is one of my biggest gripes about Strava.  The auto-laps are pretty useless data - manual laps however are very important.  If I do an 800m rep with 200m recovery, I want to see how fast the 800m was and how long the recovery was, not what my average pace was for the 1k.  It seems like a fairly straightforward addition to the app - swapping out the Splits section to use the splits data from the device.

  • Hard to understand why those already available figures don't display in the mobile app'! :)
  • PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!  Add manual laps.  I use my iPhone to track but then I use a stop watch for internals.  There's no need for this.  Why this is not in the app YET is odd to me.

  • Yes please!

  • Pls. we really need it!

  • Dear Strava,

    This is one of the things I miss on the mobile app. 

    It is already available on the Strava website. Why not add this to the mobile app?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • The current situation is ridiculous for runners - doing an interval session then needing to leave the Strava app to either open the Garmin Connect app or open the Strava website in a browser, then the only way to get the lap splits visible on the app is to copy and paste them into the activity description. This often results in an awkward long 'description' which still isn't fully visible without pressing to expand the description.

    PS - make running cadence data visible on the app too!

  • Yes please!!
  • Yes please!  Interval workout activities are pretty worthless on the mobile app without the lap data.  

  • +1 vital feature for runners! It's the only thing that the Garmin Connect App does better than Strava at the moment... Such a shame to have to visit the website just to access this info that already exists. Thanks for the otherwise great product!

  • Still hoping for this feature. As other have said, the auto-lap info in the app is useless if you're viewing an intervals session with manual splits.
  • Autolap feature is really needed for Cross Country riders. :')

  • +1

    This is a vital feature missing from the app.

  • When will Strava notice this thread?

  • Couldn't agree more.  Strava is almost  really good,  but without lap data on app you're  forced to use different apps. Could you please add lap data?  

  • yes! adding my vote for this feature.  this is critical for looking at workouts.  Thank you.

  • How do I vote for this?

  • I also would like this to be added to the mobile app to match the web version. Viewing lap data is critical to interval training.

  • Yes, clearly this feature is imperative to both make the app more useful and to bring parity between the website and mobile app. Although this development is not currently planned, it's up for consideration and we will post to this thread as soon as we have updates. Thanks! 

  • It is very useful. It should be the default view.

  • Pretty please...

  • This should be a really easy feature for developers to add, but would add huge value to the user experience.

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