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Can you please work in adding the option to the  segments only to take into account a certain date or timeframe rider records? this is useful for competitions records or challenging your friends closing the record on that segment to a date or timeframe. I need it for the competitions where the conditions are only of that day and I want to have only the competitors in that day,





  • I have a similar request where it would be ideal to have a segment that is only valid from a particular start date. For example, when it comes to mountain biking at least, we get new trails built that are very close to an old trail or are off the side of a path, such that it used to be a walking path / bridleway but a new bike specific trail is created next to it. The new path may be different and involve twists, turns, and features, but I have found segments created on such trails are picking up very old matches based on the original path, and the times are skewing the leaderboards, and are confusing for people who may not have ever ridden the new trail.

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  • Oh, and likewise the ability to retire a segment would be great.

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  • +1 to that!

    We change our track routing slightly about every third month and conditions changes from 35 deg celsius to -20 deg celsius over a year.

    Sport: Enduro Dirt Bike Racing

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