Plan a Route with "Max Elevation" setting

Not because I want to avoid it, because that's exactly the route that I want to take!

The "Create a route" feature has a "min elevation" switch.   I'd like to see a "max elevation" option.    Ideally, I'd like to just go to the "create a route" page, pick a start/stop position, tell Strava about how far I want to go, and it comes up with a route for me.   The hilliest possible route.   :-)


- John



  • Push! I want that :D Strava: Please make it happen!

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  • I need this feature! :D

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  • Agreed! Strava, you help us avoid the hills, now help us conquer them! Sure I can create a route with hills that I know of, but I'm sure there lots more out there. Add a 'Max Elevation' please!

    For fun - because training is meant to be fun - you can change the names from 'Min Elevation' to 'I want my mommy' and from 'Max Elevation' to 'Bring It!'.j

    Jokes aside, please add a 'Max Elevation' switch on the route creator.

    Thanks to the Strava team for all you hard work, what a great app. Even when I'm not training and just riding with the kids, it's a great place to save the adventures we've been on.

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