Ability to generate Training Reports from your Strava data

Having just worked my way through my 2013 training data to find out my weekly, monthly and total training amounts, it occurred to me that it would be handy to be able to generate these as reports automagically within Strava.

  • Weekly, monthly, annual and all time reports for any week/month/year.
  • Report describes total mileage, training time, number of activites, HR maximum/average etc. - all the usual information.
  • Reports can be activity type specific (one report for runs, one for rides) or aggregated.
  • Users configure which report types they want generated automagically (and optionally emailed to them) based on period and activity type.
  • Custom reports (specific date ranges, previous weeks/months/years etc,.) can be created ad-hoc if I wanted.


After all, we're using a site like Strava because we crave data and comparative competition - more data is exactly what we always want...




  • Great Tool, Martin, thanks. It worked like a charm for me.

  • Great to hear, thanks Oscar!

  • Hi Martin, I tried the tool and it formatted A through AE just fine. Beyond that it mostly garbage data. And none of the columns are the activity date.

  • Hey Ken, not sure if all the columns in the CSV are in the screenshot that you have provided, if not mistaken, the column name suppose to be start_date_local (will be based on the timezone that you have set) or start_date (UTC-0 I guess).


  • Hi folks, I had a similar idea and wrote a Strava to Excel exporter, which can be found here: https://entorb.net/strava/


    • Download complete activity list and converts it to Excel
    • Bulk modify of activities (Name, Description, Commute...)
    • Find most frequent start/end locations from the activites, store a name to the location to allow for nice filtering in Excel. (e.g. search for activities starting home, ending at work)
    • High level of security and privacy


  • M. Torben - Excellent tool.  Exactly what everyone is looking for in terms of Excel export.  Thank you for your effort!

  • Torben, Thank you!

  • Tool looks great, but I keep getting an internal server error when I try to execute. I wonder if the volume of activities in my Strava account are causing the problem? Is there a way to just pull from a specific date range?

  • Thanks Torben! The extract worked extremely well!

    The homepage mentions "Custom charts and slicers on a connected analysis sheet". The sample spread sheet for that looks very nice. Is there something available to make my extract format like that?

  • @ John and Kyle: you are welcome! I am glad that I am not the only one using it, since that would have ruined my time invested balance ;-)

    @Stephen: How many activities do you have? I was told that the tool works fine for 3500, but an internal server error sounds quite like a timeout. Guess I have to change the download to year-slices, which would require some changes in the other functionalities reading the temporary data. I will post an update here when I found time to fix it.

    @Ken: The second screenshot is from a 2nd static "analysis" Excel sheet I made, which fetches the data from the generated and downloaded one. Since I added some more columns (miles and mph) after creation of the analysis file, it needs some changes, so better build your own. See https://www.tutorialspoint.com/advanced_excel/advanced_excel_external_data_connection.htm for a tutorial, or search for Excel Connection.

  • Hello Stephen Pratt. Are you referring to my tool (https://tengelin.shinyapps.io/StravaDownload/)? I just checked it again, and it seems to work just fine. Please let me know.


  • @Torben.  Excellent tool, just downloaded my Strava history, and its impressive the no of fields that the data contains.  Now we need a tool to download segments :)


  • @torben I have just over 2400 activities total.


    @martin No, I'm referring to Torbin's tool

  • @Stephen: I added a feature for caching the data in year-slices instead of all at once. Please try if it now works for your impressive 2400 activities.

  • @torben that did the trick! super awesome and thank you!


  • Do any of these work with club data or only individuals?


  • Torben's tool: Really cool! Works great. Thanks!

  • Perfect tool...all i was looking for for years. Thanks

  • Great excel exporter tool Torben!!


  • Happy New Year everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I have updated my Strava download app. Instead of just being able to download all your activities, you now have the possibility to filter and search all your activities, and then download the ones you want.
    I personally find the Strava search capabilities very limited, so when I want to find that great 20k run I did in France last year, or look at all the runs where I have gained more than 500 altitude meters, I can now easily find them using my updated app.
    The app is available here as usual: https://tengelin.shinyapps.io/StravaDownload/
    Hope you like it! And do let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.
  • @Toben M. -- That's fantastic work! Thanks for all your work. Exactly what I was after.

  • @Martin Tengeliin -- I have not tried you app yet, as I was blown away by Toben's. But I will certainly give yours a try as well. Thanks!

  • @Torben M : Awesome tool ! As I wasn't really familiar with Strava Apps, it took me a couple of minutes to understand how to use it, maybe it's worth producing a little "tutorial" in a few steps. Anyway, that's a great help and it brought me exactly what I needed to analyze and measure my progresses from my Strava stats ! Thanks for your work !

  • Hi Rémi, thanks for the feedback! Yes, I think you are right, the user guidance in my tool is kind of missing. If you have ideas for improvements please share them with me using the tool's contact form at https://entorb.net/strava/

    PS: Besides the original intention of an Excel exporter, in the meanwhile I added

    • advanced activity statistics, including charts hard to do in Excel
    • search form for activities based on many criteria

    slowly I am running out of ideas ;-)


  • @Martin Tengelin, I am currently getting a Error when trying to use your app. Are you aware of this issue? How can I solve it? I love your app.... Please help!

    Error: An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification.



  • @Martin Tengelin, @Torben M

    I think that there is a Problem with Strava as I got a Error message too for both app

  • Hello Dominic and Jürgen,

    Thanks for letting me know and sorry about that. I think I've identified and fixed the issue now. Please try again and let me know if it still doesn't work.


  • Thank you, @Torben M.

    Worked perfectly!


  • You can get a download of all your data (including a csv of all activities) by going to this page:


    Don't worry, you don't have to delete your account, just click the button to download your archive.

    NOTE:  trip distance is in KM, just divide by 1.609 :)

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