Upload Training Plans and future workouts to Strava

It'd be great if we could upload a training plan and have the log check off our planned activities, send us alerts of what today's run/bike will be, or shame us if we skip a day.



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    An update, to be a bit more specific this is a project we are ready to commit to but just don't have the resources for currently. Training is still a high priority for us, and we're looking forward to adding more functionality to the Training Log. We've had to make room for some other developments that have come up. Thanks for your patience. 

  • From what I can tell, this is the main feature that would allow me to use Strava Premium instead of Training Peaks.


    I'd just add that a training plan should be to be delegated to a coach.

  • Training plans in general follow a fairly standard formula building up to a big event. (there might be some tweeks for an individual but they follow a similar plan for everyone). What would be cool is if you could upload your route of your "event" and then tell Strava the event is is 3 months or whatever and I want to do it in X time, and then Strava could build the plan for you and also let you know as you are training if you are on track to meet your goal.  (ie. factoring in distance, elevation, etc) 

    That would be well worth a Premium membership. 


  • I would certainly go premium for a feature like this as well. 



    * import plans (maybe pre-created standard plans, create training plan library)

    * schedule training (overview planned vs actuals) , add training als a "plan" (then reporting can be made on that plan/ not just separate unlinked entries)

    * reporting on heart/power zones per week/month or custom period.

    * possibility to share training training plans with other users.

    * Possibility to log private & public notes to training schedule 



  • This would be great - I work in 6 week blocks and planning this out in advance would make me more likely to stick to it! I'd like to be able to set a distance or time for a scheduled run and count this down as I run. This could also incorporate intervals too. I would defo go premium if this was available.

  • I'd love to be able to create my own training plans! This would keep me from using a separate spreadsheet to keep up with my training plans, which causes a massive disconnect between "plan" and "results." This feature add would be worth the premium membership!!

  • This would be great. I can't really justify the membership without something like this.
  • This is far and away the most crucial feature Strava is missing. This functionality would do away with the need to be constantly cross-checking Garmin Connect/Strava to view future/past training sessions. Strava has the upper hand on any other platform in every other way, it just needs to nail this one down -- and it'd be as simple as adding the ability to add future activities to the Training Calendar. 

  • I absolutely agree.  This is the one and only thing that keeps me from switching from trainingpeaks to strava.  If I could just enter planned workouts I'd be a premium member.

  • :-( a was elite member of runkeeper but joined premium strava because better features to find out it has no planning feat ... :-( not very smart of me not to check before paying....

  • Definitely agree with this one! I'd love the ability to plan out my training ahead on strava. It would save having to use multiple interfaces.

  • This is a must! Please add.

  • A detailled training schedule (run, ride, workout, swim) would be a killer ! 

    Matching program with reality and freshness would make it unique, to me and i think a lot of "serious leisure" athletes.

    Today Strava is perfect to record but is nowhere to plan ...

    I hope this could be developed.

    And I agree with the "premium feature". I would pay for it, even if it was for that only.

    Cheers to all of you.

  • I do agree with this one! I'd love the ability to plan out my training ahead.

  • That is the missing feature!
    - Being able to make training plans or download training plans.
    - Advise recovery time
    - Make use of the accelerometer in the iphone to track recovery and quality. 


  • I do love the trianing schedule options Endomondo offers. It is perhaps the most important reason I stick with Endomondo for running (and Strava for cycling).

  • I expect some people would like to be able choose from pre-made plans.

    However for me I would like to be able to input my own plans.

    Some kind of integration with the training log would be nice. Maybe scroll up & enter planned workouts. See the planned weekly mileage & duration, etc.


  • I'd definitely take a Premium membership in a second if this was added.

  • This should be part of strava quickly!

  • This is really an essential feature. I'd stop using Training Peaks entirely if we had this in Strava. It can't be that hard to add this functionality. To make it really killer, please also add a WebDAV/ICS calendar feed so I can see my upcoming workouts in Google Calendar.


  • I'd pay premium in a minute for this.   Features requested:

    - support/generate plans for various sports (swim bike and run in particular!)

    - Support combined activity plans (ie for triathletes, duathletes etc)

    - Support injury time.   ie don't keep bugging me to stick with my plan when my knee hurts.   allow the program to go on hold, and possibly include intelligence to reduce goals as the athlete gets back into it.

  • This feature is definitely something that should be added and something I recently requested over twitter. I certainly do not want to use Training Peaks just for my planning. Currently I am manually putting in my plan to my own calendar which doesn't really work. Obviously in the future it would be great include coaches into the system but for now - as we head to the winter and I am spending more time on the trainer I have to plan more.

  • Just paid premium upgrade assuming these features would be included. Bummer.

  • Great future feature!

    You can also include your challenge dates, so you can plan better your training.

  • this would be really nice! I have premium Strava, but I really miss training plans...

    By the way, endomondo has it... the only reason I stayed with strava is because of segments...

  • I very much agree with this.  The ability to load personal training plans to the calendar would be wonderful!

  • Like all the others on this post I feel it is essential that the option to add future training dates and schedules to the app is included. I for one will not be taking out a premium membership based purely on this issue, however I would be the first in line with my money if it was available.  Most people involved in physical training will plan and schedule their training dates for obvious reasons, and for Strava not to have it as an option is difficult to understand.  All this technology held in your hands via the app and a simple thing like inputting future run dates onto the calendar is not available. Madness.

  • This thread has been up for 7 months now with no word from Strava that they are working on it or that they acknowledge there is a demand for this.  I will agree with the previous poster, that if this feature is not integrated, I will not renew my premium membership.

  • My guess is that they will not implement this feature because it would conflict with whatever partnership they have with Garmin and their training center software.

  • A lot of comments but no word from strava :( Also no need for me to buy premium without this feature

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