Show Terrain Type in Route Builder: Dirt vs Pavement

The route planning feature is the only one i am using now, mainly because the segments are visible when planning. But i also got directed on singletracks for MTB, several times. So lot's of detailed zooming and knowing the ereas prevented me shredding my roadbike on gravel or roots. ;-)

So because the dB of strava should be easliy recognizing the different track parts/-segments as road or non road, during planning i am sure to stay on the road/ off the road when riding in an (unknown) area



  • Well, I say this is still a need! I just got myself lost because the road bike route I'd planned (and lazily not thoroughly checked) included a massive downhill off-road segment. It's difficult to stop route builder from snapping to dirt roads, especially if it's a very popular mountain bike route.

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  • I'm also impatiently waiting for this feature.It would be so nice to have a simple checkbox indicating you want only paved roads/cycle tracks when building a route!

    People from strava, any comments on this??


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