Search or Explore feature for Strava Routes

Map-based exploring/searching for Routes in the 'Explore' section, similar to the map-based segment explore that currently exists.

If someone has taken the time to create a route, chances are that route is a better indication for a good ride or run route than popular segments. 

Currently, when I'm in a new location, I use popular segments from the segment explorer to drill down to activities to ry and identify good routes, in combination with popularity in Route Builder and the Strava labs world heat map. It would be nice to not have to create my own route for every location I visit. Local knowledge is the best!



  • Official comment

    Thanks everyone, the product team at Strava is very interested in creating tools to explore routes that other athletes have created. We are also working to expand our Strava Local guides. We will keep your feedback in mind while we continue to explore the options to search and explore routes. 

    An update regarding comments since January 30th, 2018: 

    We are reviewing features that were originally designed for athlete motivation and inspiration to ensure they cannot be compromised by people with bad intent. Read this letter to the Strava community

  • Hi,

    I would also welcome a feature that allows to search routes based on criteria input by the user, similar to the activity search:

    Such criteria could be :

    - Starting point (village, city)

    - Radius

    - Activity type

    - Lenght

    - Elevation / Climb

    - One-way / Round-trip

    The result should all routes that start, end or pass by the given starting point and radius.

    It should be presented in a list and map.

    The user should be able to add selected results to his own collection of routes.

  • I was really surprised this wasn't possible after seeing that routes could be made private/public. What's the point of a public route if it cannot be found!

    Perhaps I'm not Strava's target customer, and the real focus is segment competition, but looking at MapMyFitness its very easy to find others' public routes to find some good long rides... I'm also really impressed that you can even embed a MapMyFitness route in another web page, e.g.:  — perfect for a cycling event, giving people an interactive map and useful stats (not to mention a bit of free advertising).

    In fact, from a page like the one linked (an annual cycling event), Strava's basically the least compatible system for being able to follow the route. MMF obviously has the route in there (and i can send it straight to my phone), and most other systems let you import the GPX/KML/XML files directly to make your own route (this doesn't work for Strava since there's no timestamps on the GPX files since they're static routes, not my own rides). In Strava I had to set that route up from scratch, and other Strava users would have to do the same without someone explicitly sharing a link to a hand-made Strava route.

    Anyway, for now at least, I'm still on Strava, but am using MapMyFitness to find routes to ride...


  • Hi!

    Yes, a capability to search routes is very much needed. This would give us ideas on which road and trails to use to go to new places.

  • How has this feature got so few votes!? It already seems crazy that they haven't got it already. 

    This and turn-by-turn directions are what would make my subscription worth renewing.

    Please put these at the top of your priority list Strava!!

  • This discussion thread appears to have been going for some time and, although a great fan of strava, I find the inability to search for routes done by my friends or when I am visiting a new country, means I use other tools. RidewithGPS and MapMyRide both have good route planning tools and also allow you to search for routes. Two examples of where its a pain:

    1. I am taking out a beginners group for our sociable cycling club and I know a friend has already planned a great route but there is no way I can find it so I have to get her to send me the link to her route each time.

    2. I am visiting Australia later this year and taking my bike but I can't use Strava to search for routes in the area I am going.

    I also pay for Strava but am beginning to wonder why as all it gives is some simple and limited goal setting features. Its a great tool but it needs features that are useful to real riders and it needs a UI that makes it easier to find things.

  • Just looking to +1 on this. I just saw that a friend had saved a public route, and went looking to see what other's he had saved, but couldn't find anything.

    Being able to Explore routes on a map would be great, but even in the near term just being able to look up what public routes my friends have saved would be great.

  • mmmm....Premium member ever since I joined and now REALLY considering it not worth it - I have been waiting like others on this thread since even before 2014! Garmin / Ride with GPS / Map-My Ride / Plot a route. /  - they are not being sued!  Not interested in Strava Local unless it details all the rides exactly where I am going.

  • I'm sad that the case is that it "hasn't been prioritized." 

    As a paying member of the community I'm a little disheartened by the lack of focus - between this and the non-existent thread on the commuting tag all the while promoting "photos" saddens me just a little. Look, it's not the end of the world, but I do think it indicates a growing lack of focus on what really matters; activities. Instragam linking was good enough for the time being but it wasn't worth the massive "Photos" launch when features like this aren't even really on your (Strava) roadmap!

  • For now, forget all the fancy stuff that "can" be done, with searching and filtering. In a user's profile, simply add a tab that lists the links to that User's Public routes. That's it, do nothing more.

  • This is so much missing. Cannot we have just a simple search at least ?  come on !

  • Man, no one from Strava even bothers to respond.  This is K-Mart level customer service.

  • How this cannot be a feature is beyond me. Finding routes in the vacinity - must have, no? Please add asap! :-)

  • It is now into 2018 and the promise was Fall / Winter 2017.

    Are we there yet.  Spring / Summer fast approaching and we are all wondering when this needed feature will happen

    Updates please ?


  • This is my most wanted feature. I'm constantly scouring the internet for new routes, and that's an imperfect solution. If I could search routes and filter them by length, elevation change, and maybe even vehicle traffic (this would be harder for strava, but if it was possible to pull in historical traffic data and then generate a traffic rating for a route, that would be super useful).Anyway, please add at least the ability to search for routes in a specific area.

  • Almost 3 years on and NO PUBLIC ROUTES ?!!!! SERIOUSLY? Dozens of people complaining, but no result... even for those who pay for your services. Pathetic!

  • Very disappointing to use loyal Strava users that our competitors have this; and we don't. The 'route' experience in general is very poor.


  • +1 from me. I searched for this feature a couple of years back and of course was disappointed. Now I'm going to Italy in the summer and wanted to check for routes...can't believe it still isn't implemented. Will try MapmyRide.

  • 3 years later and this still isn't a thing? How can this not be a thing? I feel like it's normal for people to be able to want to find 10,20,30+ km routes as opposed to 1km segments...who rides for only 1km?!? Moving to a new city has me wondering what the best routes are and Strava, the acclaimed top rider app, is essentially useless for this. Come on!

  • I'm tired of getting notifications that yet another person has posted to say "Yeah, why can't we search routes?" I'm unsubscribing to this thread, or filtering the e-mails. Get it together, Strava -- you're supposed to be the "serious cyclist" app!

  • Please add this feature, it's the one of the only things keeping Strava from being the total package for me!

  • I've given up and use now. Search, as also streetview in the map view do you can check it really is a road... Strava has sent me on in impassable tracks too many times.

  • Where is Strava with this? I don't understand why it takes so long to produce something like this where the community can search, comment, rate, etc. certain routes.

    Plenty of other sites offer this but not Strava. Not sure whether Premium is really worth it at all.

  • This is on our radar, but no current plans. Agreed it would be a great addition to the Route feature. Thanks for your feedback! 

  • Generally speaking finding the routes isn't really possible right now.  It doesn't need to be complicated to start off with, even just being able to browse public routes created by someone you follow would be a start (re-use the existing view of your own routes would be fine).

  • I don't think it makes any sense that I can see all of the non-private routes of someone I follow using my iPhone Strava App, but I cannot see them in the Web client.  My friend is always making routes for us to ride, but unless I find it in my feed or unless he emails me the link, I cannot just go to his profile to find it.

  • This feature would make routes so much more useful!

    It would also be useful to annotate routes or combine the view with segments that share some section with a route once it has been selected. I would like to be able to visualise where and how many popular sections a route has.

    I am a trail runner using strava.

  • Another +1 for adding a route search/explore feature to Strava. Would be extremely useful for cycling in new locations and also for public rides and events.

    When cycling in a new locale, the heat map gives a reasonable indication of popular roads, but being able to search for routes of a specific length / climb / difficulty in a new area would be wonderful.

  • I agree and love the idea of adding an area to search and view user created routes which are public. This would enhance Strava when traveling. Then, users could be able to plan a route that is tried and true. Currently, I can only search view my own created routes unless I use Google or some other external site to search.

    Being able to give public routes kudos or ratings would be helpful feedback as well.


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