Display "Club Routes" as a section of Strava Clubs

It would be nice if there was a section for club rides.

I know you can add a route to an event but it would be good if all the rides of that club could be stored in one location. Similar to the "my routes" page but for the club, this would make it easy for members to access the routes rather than just "starring" routes as they go up.




  • Great idea.
  • A great idea and would be of benefit to thousands.

  • Good idea.
  • Excellent idea
  • Great idea.
  • Good idea

  • Please
  • Our club would love this feature.....


  • Yes!

  • Yes this is exactly what we need. We have ridden many great routes over the past year but members who couldn't ride with us have missed out. This would provide them with information to complete the ride in their own time

  • Yes, please!!!

  • With over 40 "me too's" and its still now done :( 

  • We need the same for our club.

  • Yeah, we are also looking forward to use a feature like that. Right now our club has got difficulty getting together in real life. For an online platform, it only makes sense to make virtual group rides possible, so everyone rides the same route when it suits them.

  • +1

    Would be great for sharing routes with a group of people.

  • +1


  • And another +1

  • Please!! This is much needed and would be really appreciated!


  • This seems such an obvious thing to do. Not a premium feature just a basic requirement if you want clubs on here. Crack on!

  • Could really do with this feature and the ability to assign routes to club events.

  • Any word from Strava?

  • This feature would be incredibly useful. I help run a cycling club and we're forever sending around links to the same routes each week - having them all together on one page linked to from the club profile would be really, really helpful.

  • Yes @ElleAnderson (Strava) this would be very great for clubs to get their routes sorted and a reason for a lot of club members to start using Strava. Can we see this option anytime soon on Strava?   

  • This would be really useful for our club, Digby Etape. It would allow a ride leader to select a route from a library of routes that have already been proven suitable for our group and save them time creating a new route. Between us we must have hundreds of routes. It would also enhance the Strava community because these routes could be more widely shared. Please implement this feature Strava.

  • This feature would be of great use to our club. Like others, we are looking to create a library of club rides.

  • My routes section is over flowing with all the routes I've done for my club. Feels like no room left for my personal routes!

  • Is there any update on this?  Our club would LOVE to switch all our maps/routes to Strava, but without the ability to post the routes to the club, this is very prohibitive.  We have well over 100 members in the club and are trying to switch from MapMyRide and RideWithGPS.  Please let us know if you are even considering this feature.

  • There is a not perfect workaround:

    Create a non-premium account for your club. If you are comfortable with sharing the login credentials, those individuals can create routes.

    It would be nice to copy a route you created in your personal account to club account instead of having to recreate the route in the club account.

    One advantage of this kludge is your Club is the owner of the group and you can have multiple admins. This protects the Club account owner from things like death, disability, and alien abduction.

  • My running club of over 400 and 14 running groups would welcome this feature - surely after all this time it should be there!

  • Come on Strava, We pay you our money but I have to use Map My Ride for this simple feature. Please focus less on pointless timeline algorithms and get the basics right.

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