Display "Club Routes" as a section of Strava Clubs

It would be nice if there was a section for club rides.

I know you can add a route to an event but it would be good if all the rides of that club could be stored in one location. Similar to the "my routes" page but for the club, this would make it easy for members to access the routes rather than just "starring" routes as they go up.




  • Hi,

    That's exactly what I would like to have. All club members could share route in 1 single shared location.

    Ideally, a route created by a member on its own could be pushed to the club if the member intents to share it.

    Also, routes could be assigned to a calendar.


  • +1

  • +1

  • Yes, much needed, please

  • This seems such an obvious thing to do. Not a premium feature just a basic requirement if you want clubs on here. Crack on!

  • Yes @ElleAnderson (Strava) this would be very great for clubs to get their routes sorted and a reason for a lot of club members to start using Strava. Can we see this option anytime soon on Strava?   

  • This would be really useful for our club, Digby Etape. It would allow a ride leader to select a route from a library of routes that have already been proven suitable for our group and save them time creating a new route. Between us we must have hundreds of routes. It would also enhance the Strava community because these routes could be more widely shared. Please implement this feature Strava.

  • Come on Strava, We pay you our money but I have to use Map My Ride for this simple feature. Please focus less on pointless timeline algorithms and get the basics right.

  • Dave Brown, your work around is exactly what we're trying to get away from. We run clubs and we want to be able to present a portfolio of routes, just like the My Routes feature in our individual accounts. That's all it is, simple as mud, but Strava haven't done it in the four years we've been asking and I really don't understand why. They have competitors who manage this part of the offering much better.

  • It would be so nice if the routes I am building could be saved to my Cycling Club.  Would Strava please consider our requests?  It would be so helpful and nice.  Thank you for your time👍😃

  • It seems after 5 years of Strava members requesting to be able to show club routes that they still have not acknowledged any of these requests. It seems they do not listen to their members, well this has forced me to look at Ride with GPS as they allow you to add your routes for your members. To bad Strava maybe you should pay more attention to what members are asking of you.

  • This feature would be really useful for clubs, is this feature in the backlog and due to arrive soon or should we look to other apps for this feature?

  • Strava!!! Any news if this is going to be provided? It would be such a useful tool for our run leaders & members to have. Don't really want to go elsewhere as we have over a 100 club members :(

  • another vote for this feature

  • Good idea!


  • This would be awesome. Having a club routes directory would make having a club so much more meaningful.

  • Necessary!

  • Desperate for this feature....

  • Really Really Really need this feature!

  • Brilliant idea
  • This is a must needed feature that would be of great benefit to all
  • +1
  • Great idea, another vote
  • Must have!
  • Sounds a cracking idea :-)
    Ian SPCC
  • +1
  • Agree, Brilliant idea
  • Great idea , this has got to be done
  • Do it....do it.....please
  • This would be fantastic - please do it Strava......pleeeeease!

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