Add an Activity Type for Orienteering

Is it possible to add Orienteering as a new activity type ?


All my club partners will thank you for this purpose.



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    Thanks for the request! You can also add your vote here to help us decide which activities the community most wants to see added to Strava. 

  • Yes, please add activity type "Orienteering"

    Thank you.

  • Yes, please add Orienteering. I also miss Multi Sport among the activities listed.


    Thank you.

  • I have the same suggestion. There are many obscure activity types, and something common as Orienteering is missing! Strange. I will have to stick to Attackpoint for the moment.

  • Yes, please add orienteering.

  • Excellent suggestion, please add "Orienteering"! Many thanks!

  • Such a good idea !!!
  • Yes, please add activity type "Orienteering"

    Thank you.

  • Brilliant idea, yes we need Orienteering in Strava activities !

  • Why is orienteering not included in the list of activities?  There are other unusual activities so please add it.  I am only using Strava as I have signed up for Jantastic and it links in and won't bother using it in future if I have to put all my orienteering activities down as running - it will make me look too slow!

  • Yes!  Don't understand why orienteering is not a listed activity given all the other activities.  I want to be able to differentiate between training runs and actual orienteering events.

  • "Orienteering" is definitely missing. Use instead. Has nicer "last 2 weeks activities" graph too. Strava is just for comparing segments.
  • Jan Gerard V, I have an account as well.   I haven't explored the depth of functionality though.  How do you use it with your GPS results?  I don't see that functionality.  All I see is a manual training log and ability to upload splits via XML or CSV file.  I'm not looking for orienteering analysis from Strava.  That is too much to ask for and Attackpoint is really the best place for analyzing results.  Just interested in Orienteering as a label for activities in Strava.

  • @Michael Reese, I use Attackpoint, but even better are Quickroute (offline tool with online publications to e.g. and 3DRerun. (e.g. The latter is brilliant for analysing different route choices. Makes you laugh when you see Strava's segment analysis. 

    Indeed I don't upload tracks to Attackpoint, although it is possible. I wrote a simple script that uploads tracks to Strava, analyses gps data, and sends the summary to Attackpoint.

  • I and my friends would also find the addition of orienteering useful.

  • I would use this! I got into road running via orienteering. It's very popular in most of Europe, especially Scandinavia. Please add!

  • Très bonne idée!!!

  • Orienteering is recognized by International Olympic Committee. Please add it as activity

  • Another + 1 for orienteering to be added here.

    I only got my GPS watch to track my orienteering runs and it's a real shame when I use Strava that I can't flag the activities correctly. My running speeds are very different when I'm orienteering and when I'm just running for fitness. Please sort it out!

  • +1. Would love to have a way to distinguish between my regular runs and orienteering runs.

  • "Were you drunk?" is a typical comment I get when I post an Orienteering race.

  • +1!  288.000 participated in World Orienteering day in May:

    And it's a sport in the World Games as well!

    And far more cooler to see orienteering GPS course than a yoga session :p (note: i do pilates myself but don't log it)

  • Yes please. Do add Orienteering

  • So many activities to choose from but not orienteering. It's a bit annoying having to put orienteering in the title of each activity to explain what I was up to. The British Orienteering club in Strava has at least 200 members who would use it.

  • I support this

  • I support this as well!

  • +1 yes add orienteering please!

  • If orienteering will be added I will buy a Premium subscription. (win-win)

  • Please add orienteering.

  • Please add, but no promises I'll buy premium ;)

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