Better Strava Widgets: More choice, responsive design and work on https sites

I would like to see more and/or better versions of the activity and summary widgets.

1. Currently the design sizes are very rigid and difficult to make them fit well onto a website or forum. It would be useful if there were a range of sizes:

  • Small/Medium/Large
  • Wide and thin, Narrow and tall.

2. It would also be useful if they followed modern 'responsive' design practises so they are viewable on mobile, tablet and desktop.

3. Another request is to make them work over a secure connection like https as they currently don't display.

4. It would also be nice to have the option of a single widget that combined the Activity and Summary widgets into one (see example picture below)


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Note to Strava admins: Please do not change the title from 'Better Strava Widgets. More choice, responsive design and work on https sites' to 'Feedback to improve Strava widgets' as it is not specific enough. Thanks for understanding.

Strava Combined Widget.png
Strava Activity Widget Slim.jpg


  • I wholeheartedly agree, especially regarding the HTTPS issue.

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  • HTTPS issue is a major issue - trying to embed a corporate team's badge on our intranet, and won't work due to no HTTPS for the CSS/JS, even if I use HTTPS for the main IFRAME ref.

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  • Agree.  I like the combined widget.  But why only rides?  Why not all activities on widget?

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  • Agree. Strava is a beautiful website but the widgets are like a joke…

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  • I would like to see a year-2-date widget

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  • Yes! Totally necessary! And it would help push Strava on other channels. 

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