Streamline Strava Route download to Garmin device

In user settings, we should be able to select a preferred file type for route downloads so that there can be a one-click download functionality.  Currently when viewing your routes, you have to select the route, click "Export", select your device, then select the file type.  That's a lot of clicking.  If the preferences can be set to a specific file type, then a quick download button or selection can be on each route in the My Routes page.  This would really speed up the process of selecting and downloading routes.  One step further would be to show them in list format so you can check off what routes you wish to download and get all of them at once.



  • And plot course points

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  • I just bought a Garmin Edge 1000 and frankly I'm shocked that there's no easy way to move routes and mapping from Strava to the garmin device or to Garmin Connect.
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