Compare my attempts (Activities) on a Strava Route

Strava allows and encourages the creation of routes and yet there is no way to compare your attempts at a route. You can compare individual segments, just not the entire route. 

Re-riding, or running, routes is a good benchmark to show the improvements you have made. To be able to compare entire routes would be such a simple addition that would add a great deal.

I would like to see the ability to compare route attempts showing and comparing all the same data such as speed, suffer score, calories, time, cadence and so on. I would also like a drop down the same as the segment one with your attempts and everyone else's attempts, me , women, ages etc.

If you can compare routes it could open up another level of achievements - KOR/QOR. It could also mean that more people would use other people's routes.



  • I agree. In fact, this is the biggest reason I'd want to create a route... to compare my own times and filter activities.

  • +1

    Been wanting this for a while, would love to see 2 little cyclist represent the different times I've ridden a route, or me compared to a friend.

  • great idea been looking for this for ages as there are only so many routes you can do from home

  • Ride with GPS allows this kind of tracking and comparing in a very helpful and often enlightening way. I expected it as a basic feature with Strava when I moved over and laid down some money. Now I am having second thoughts. You push the idea of training, setting goals, and setting challenges––being able to compare rides and monitor progress is crucial. Please work on this feature!

  • Me too, it need not be that complicated ie not involving GPS tracks as in Segment monitoring but simply done by route names. Cylcemeter does it but got fed up with the link to Strava. This is why alot of people will have downloaded the app. Surely not a complicated solution either.

  • Agree with all of the other posts. I wanted to create routes to compare times with my riding partners. I was really surprised it did not track moving or total time for each route. I would like to see this feature added. 

  • What everyone else said. It would be a good feature.

  • This is a feature I've also noticed is lacking.... I commute and track my rides with Strava, like thousands of others.  Currently there doesn't seem to be a way to track my quickest time for the route - I cycle it every day but can only track my PB by manually recording it.  Strava has so many great features - why not this??

  • I am a new user and am extremly disappointed that this feature is in Polar Trainer which I  prevously used extensively but is not available in Strava!  

  • I agree also.  If it can be done for segments it should be possible for activities.  I would like to compare my fastest time on a route with, say my last run and see where I either gained or lost time so when I go out next time, I could target that sector to try and improve my time.

  • I am a new user and am extremly disappointed that this feature is in Sportypal which I  prevously used extensively but is not available in Strava!
  • It can't be that difficult to implement.  It would really be useful to analyse where one's effort is best used.

  • +1

    I would like a view similar to flyby. For a start, the activities for a comparison wouldn't have to be selected automatically. I would be content if I could pick two activities manually.

  • A very basic feature that... does not exist.  Would like to see splits or laps side by side so I can figure out why / where exactly one Activity / attempt was better than another.  Heck I'd even like to see it animated as a Fly-By against myself (which lo-and-behold Benedikt said right above unbeknownst).  I find myself going old school and jotting down splits / laps to a clipboard or printing them out (seriously?) to do this comparison.  How could something so basic not be possible with all the other gratuitous golly-gee-whiz stuff Strava has implemented!?

    A lot of ways to do it.  I can almost see it being done the way you add products to compare on a shopping site ("Add to Compare") and then click compare.  But I'd take anything at this point, beggars can't be choosers etc.

  • Workaround for this is to create a segment that mirrors your whole route. Doesn't quite give you the comparisons that are possible, but possibly better than nothing...

  • They actually already have all the building box... They can use the FlyBy feature and just make the user select himself and the ride (or same segment he rode previously) he wants to compare against



  • I agree with all the previous comments and would very much like to see this feature added. Given that some of the earliest comments date back to 2014, makes me wonder if this feature is being worked on... or not?  Anyone know?

  • Yes please. Why can I compare tiny segments, but not the entire activity? Am I missing something because I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Strava, can you please comment on the status of this feature creation?  It is such a basic and useful feature. 

  • Garmin connect has a very simple course/filter by activity feature that has been available for years.  Why can't Strava do this?

  • Another vote for this, I'd find it dead useful.

  • This would be an extremely useful feature.

  • I feel exactly the same way. I totally thought it was me so after an eternity trying to figure out how to do it myself I just googled the issue and found this thread.

    Seriously Strava? There’s no way for me to record multiple attempts at the same route and compare them? Only segments of it? Where’s the logic in that? That’s ridiculous! To me that’s one the primary reasons why I was so excited about this app. I want to share my routes and challenge myself and my friends - not over bits of it but over the full course I run or ride.

    Strava - it’s like you built a beautiful bicycle and didn’t put any pedals on it.

    Come on Strava - get this coded and launch an upgrade. This is a huge hole in your game...

  • I would also love to see this feature.  The Flyby tool looks like it would be able to do this.  We know that season and weather can lead to different results (where as I only think that Flyby looks at same day currently), but we would still like to see efforts against our own or friends.  Thanks.

  • Come on Strava this was first raised in November 2014. I myself commented back in August 2015 when I became a new member of Strava because Polar, that I use to use, has this functionality. Why don't you included this simple option compared to the other features you have added.

    I know that you can make a route a segment and add as a favourite and you can then get some basic analysis of routes. However this a fudge and not the functionality that your customers want!



  • It's so weird that this doesn't exist. I'm a premium member and there are so many features that I don't need or want, but the simple option to compare times on my commute doesn't exist. Come on strava, pull your finger out, stop concentrating on useless flyby gimmicks and give us something we actually want.

  • In total agreement with all of the above. As a Summit member there are all kinds of stuff I don't need and this seems to be such a basic thing not only in the app but in training. Garmin connect has it as many other apps mentioned above do. Why is this such a big deal?

  • Seems people have been writing to Strava about this for years (this thread dates back to 2014) but, as far as I can tell, there is zero response from Strava. Does anyone know anyone at Strava? Does anyone know whether anyone at Strava even cares about this? Or whether they have a good reason for not doing it?  

  • Hey Folks,
    Thanks for adding your comments here! I can totally see why this is a popular idea because I also ride the same routes from time to time. Unfortunately, I don't have an update for you. 
    One thing to remember: just because something's popular doesn't mean it'll be implemented. Our forums are just one component of our decision-making process. While a ton of ideas are genuinely valuable, we need to be selective and balance our priorities.
    Thanks for understanding!
  • Hi Jess,

    Thanks for keeping in touch.  I was wondering if you could update us (or tell us where we can find out about) anything that Strava has done in the last 3 months?  I guess they are busy but I still haven't benefited from being a Summits member.  My membership will not be renewed.

    Best regards


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