Compare my attempts (Activities) on a Strava Route

Strava allows and encourages the creation of routes and yet there is no way to compare your attempts at a route. You can compare individual segments, just not the entire route. 

Re-riding, or running, routes is a good benchmark to show the improvements you have made. To be able to compare entire routes would be such a simple addition that would add a great deal.

I would like to see the ability to compare route attempts showing and comparing all the same data such as speed, suffer score, calories, time, cadence and so on. I would also like a drop down the same as the segment one with your attempts and everyone else's attempts, me , women, ages etc.

If you can compare routes it could open up another level of achievements - KOR/QOR. It could also mean that more people would use other people's routes.



  • Hi Lloyd,

    I'd love to know what sort of features you think would be beneficial to a Summit member! You can write to me here


  • Seems that neither Garmin nor Strava gives me useful ways to generated comparative data via the routes that I like to create.  I like the way that Garmin allows me to attach a route to an activity, can Strava please try to have something similar.  It would them be nice to view my efforts at a specific route and make comparisons.  Working through the segments is time consuming, especially when you want to compare a complete effort at the same route.

    Edit June 26, 2019 - I found the ride comparisons in Garmin and would like to have something similar on Strava.  I also see many people saying that you can create a segment, this is not really the same as comparing segments, which ultimately needs to keep to the same route. Garmin gives the option to compare up to four activities in total. Very useful when races keep to the same distance with some changes to the route. Great for benchmarking your performance for a specific race where you can then see what influenced your performance.

  • Jeff,

    I came here this morning looking for the exact same comparison. This is obviously a wanted feature. But, to be fair, how about some more openness to paying members? maybe a list of coming features would entice more people to stay on the subscription? Further, perhaps some polls from members to gauge what features are deemed desirable would also help to direct the product in the direction most members would find advantageous. As it stands, I'm not seeing much benefit for my $$.

  • +1. How has this not yet been implemented in.. years.. meh

  • Years later and this is still a wish list item... I've been reduced to creating private segments for my entire route but then these don't include rest time so if you ever want to take a photo or eat a banana on a longer ride I'll lose my time :(
    Either let me graph moving time only on segments or let compare routes with same moving time function...

  • Pretty sure I PR'ed on my morning bike commute today, but how can I tell for sure? I use Strava to track my runs as well, and in running there is a "Matched Runs" feature. Why is there no equivalent "Matched Rides" feature for cycling?

  • It sounds like a lot of you are looking for the same comparison that you get when you create a segment. If you want to compare efforts on a commute, why not make a segment out of it and use that? You can compare your own efforts or that of others then. The system already has that in place, why not use it?

  • Jeff, it would be really easy to compare your commutes if you just made the commute a segment. All the tools are already in place in Strava. If you want, you can make it a private segment so you don't have to worry about weeding through other people's stats.

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