Hide all Activity data within my Privacy Zone, from other user's Activities too

If you go on a ride with friends and depart/arrive from one of their houses, that friends ride respects his privacy zone; however - when you (strava) match the rides, the other riders results do not honour that zone and potentially break the security and privacy that that person has asked Strava to impose on their account.

I don't see this as a request, but a necessary security feature that is missing, and (to a degree) deliberately broken by Strava actions (we don't choose to put the rides together, the site does it).



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  • plus one on this. Obviously strava isnt going to change this one since its been sitting idle since 2014 but I was just looking for this feature to do the same thing. In a nutshell - ability to create multiple privacy zones so insane ex g/f can't find my buddies house and key his car paint

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