• I have decided to use a second app, RunTastic Pro cycling app, to monitor Percent Grade until Strava includes it. Here is a list of features it has:

    * Live GPS tracking of critical performance metrics – calories, distance, time, speed, altitude, pace
    * Ride thousands of biking routes, using Route Search (available in-app and on
    * Mapping (Google maps) – detailed live map features
    * Colored traces (track cycle pace, speed, Percent Grade, elevation, heart rate)
    * Current rate of climb, ratio of gained or lost altitude in meters per minute
    * Cadence measurement (with additional hardware)
    * Heart rate measurement (with additional hardware)
    * Dashboard configuration – displays preferred biking statistics
    * Automatic pause detection during your trek
    * Weather data
    * LIVE Tracking – real time tracking of your cycle position to share with friends
    * Voice feedback of critical velo metrics, motivational messages available in numerous languages

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  • I also would very much like to see percent grade on ride screen. My buddies who all have Garmin computers have it and use it while on climbs. I would too! If Strava wants to be used as a stand alone cycle computer there is no reason not to.
    Thanks Ken
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  • I really want this! It is way better to use Strava as a bike computer and see maps and live segments, and have the HRM data collected along with the rest of Strava's recording process, but I am finding the lack of a % grade display to be just about a deal-breaker, after only trying to use the app for this purpose for a couple of days. I really want to ditch my old Garmin; there's no point in having multiple devices! :)

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  • In response to Ken (Kendall F.), it seems that Strava does want to be a bike computer, due to all of its other supporting features. % grade is essential! Please include it, Strava!

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  • I would love this feature as well.

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  • I can't agree more! Gradients please!


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