When a run is tagged as a workout, the default view should be "Laps"

When a run is tagged as a race, the default view is Race Analysis. I think that if a run is tagged as a workout, the default view should be Laps, as I believe most who are doing a run workout would hit the lap button after every interval.

I realize that the Strava mobile apps do not handle laps, so maybe this would only default to the laps view if laps are present?



  • Thanks for the feedback Sam! 

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  • Making Laps view default is probably the most desired feature on Strava for any runner or cyclist out there. Please, Strava, fix this as soon as possible. Not only is it good to see your own laps directly, but also to view other users' (friends) data for comparison. The km/mile view does not make any sense when analysing your training.

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  • On the iOS app, I'd like for a workout to actually not show the "laps" but rather the workout timing for a run. Or even to have the option of seeing the workout view. 

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