"Explorer achievements" for riding a segment you haven't ridden before

Strava already does a great job promoting exploration through browsing segments, but it would be really fun to take it to the next level and help us see which of our friends aren't just striving to be faster on their familiar tracks, but are getting off their "beaten path" and riding or running something they haven't tracked before.


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  • I've been thinking about this also. 

    On the activity page you can see the number of achievements somebody got. But you cannot make a difference between a new segment explored or a segment that he rode multiple times already but did not make a top time on. It would be interesting to have this distinction by adding a newly explored icon (so I can be more greedy with my kudo's :-) )

    On the activity feed showing a the number of new segments ridden next to the number of achivements would also enrich the info. 

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