Automatically tag Activities as 'Commute'

I'd like to mark one of my privacy zones as "home", and one as "work".
Then, when I start a ride at home and finish at work, the ride should automatically be tagged as a commute.

A further step would be to change their default ride names in the Android/iPhone app to, for instance, "to work" and "from work".



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    Hi everyone. 

    Thanks for leaving us your feedback and suggestions on this feature request. A few athletes in here have already recommended Commute Marker , and right now we recommend that as well.  Please continue adding your support and ideas for this feature and hopefully it will gain enough traction to be considered.



  • Doing both suggestions would be great!

  • Cool idea, I like it.

  • Assuming you follow the same route to/from work each day maybe it would be handy if you could save the two 'routes' or Segments as a commute and Strava automatically recognises you have travelled on these routes and marks them as a commute.

  • Maybe, but this may break as soon as you take a small detour, or have significant GPS drift. In terms of detectability, a one-way trip from point A to point B or vice versa, where points A and B have a 500 meter diameter is going to be much more reliable.

  • fair points, but the 80/20 rule would apply I would say. ie. a higher percentage of commute rides will be safely recorded and the ones that don't you can manually tag as per the standard process. I have created a segment that covers 95% of my commute and in over 3 years of commuting I think I've had one instance of dodgy GPS data.

    A potential problem is the privacy zone setting not making a commute route/segment visible or something.

  • I would like an option where there is ride recreational and ride transport that I can chose when I start my ride.  I would also like to be able set ride transport with the commute tag on as my default.  This is especially important to the National Bike Challenge.

    I have replaced over 80% of my car trips with a bike trip.  I would like to keep track on these as transport rides for the National Bike Challenge.  Currently I have to go into Strava online for each ride and manually put hit the COMMUTE tag.  Unfortunately this doesn't work well not only because it takes time but also because sometimes the miles synch automatically before I can get on my computer and put on the COMMUTE tag.  Once the miles synch they can not be updated in the National Bike Challenge.  Even if the tag is updated later and synched again they do not change from recreation to transport miles.

  • That would be fantastic. I do commute 5 days a week and absoluteley don't want those activities to spam my friends feeds. Actually thinking about unfriending all until this is fixed.

    I am using garmin Hardware and syncing so this feature would make great sense as I wouldn't need to manually mark those activities two times a day. A filter on origin - destination Base would be the best option for me as I often change my routes but still don't want them to appear in the feeds.

  • I would be infinitely glad if the app just remembered the last state of the commute and private buttons. I don't use it for sport rides anyway.

  • I'd like to see this start and end point match too - but I'd like to see it work for activities that are sync'd from Garmin, not just via the Strava apps.

  • Add me to the list of wishing for a way to make commute default.  Or alternatively, to allow the selection of a certain bike to automatically turn on the commute tag.  Thanks!

  • An option to make commutes private by default would be even better.  I have heard that thieves can use Strava commute data to see where you live and when you are at home.

  • I want to keep as a record, but you want to classify.
    Automatically proposal to tag is very nice in the private section!

    1 week are beginning to use the Strava.
    If you can not tagged with the automatic, not perform a detailed analysis.
    There is no sense to continue the premier contract in this state.


  • Posted two years and such a useful feature still doesn't exist :(

    Hope someone brings this feature

  • +1 for end points approach

  • Hi everybody, 


    Maybe we need to develop it directly..

    I tried IFTT to automate status changement but we can't change just this parameter.

    Who could be interested in this king of functionality ? I'll try to develop it with a Python script or if there is enough user with a web service.



  • So, the whole route-deviation problem is easily fixed. I like detours too.. so...
    Mark a points "work" and "home", or "a" and "b" if privacy is your thing. (or use multiple privacy zones for this)
    Also add a distance slider, say 15-20km. anything between points "a" and "b" between 15 and 20 km would be automatically marked commute. Add some buttons to also add a private tag, or anything else you could want.
    If you take a longer detour, you get a normal event. seems acceptable right?



  • What you need is !

  • There is now an external website that offers this functionality - when i tried it last year, it seemed to accurately identify and mark all my commutes. It also has an option is their settings to mark all commutes private... might be worth a llok.

  • Most of my activities are commutes. If automatic detection of activities as commutes is a lot of work, then at least allow me to mark *all* of my activities ad "commute" by default - I'd rather un-mark those that aren't, than manually mark each of my ride to/from work.

  • I realize that the official comment is to use the "commutemarker" website, but I am hesitant to hand over my private data to yet another online website - it is easier and safer to manage this information in just one site.


    I'd honestly just rather have an option to automatically set "commute" on all rides except for the ones I edit specifically to not be a commute.

  • Still no progress in 2018 :-(

    The OP's suggestion is by far the easiest.  Just let me specify two places (home and work) and auto tag everything that is a journey between them.

    The problem with route based solutions is that so many of us have multiple alternative routes.  My route even changes based on whether a right hand turn is easy.  If there's on-coming traffic as I ride past then I change my route.

  • If anyone is interested I have created which is aimed at commuters that can claim the mileage expense in their respective countries.
    Feedback welcome.

  • Strava, why cant you fix this simple suggestion? Should be easy!

    OPs suggestion is the best way of fixing this, as you might want to change your routes from time to time, but its not likely to have an actual ride that ends in your office. It could be a setting "Automark trips from / to work as commutes"

  • A simpler solution could be to let the user choose if the default activity should be tagged as commute or not.

    The same behavior Strava use to set the default bike, the default shoes or the default privacy could be use for communte activities too.

    Why not a default boolean "isCommute"?

  • Yes please add an automatic commute tag when I travel from home to work and back again.

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