Import Rowing workouts to Strava from the Concept2 log

For those of us who split their time between rowing running and cycling it would be great to have all this on strava.



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    A generous community member has created and shared a site to sync Concept2 data with Strava: 

    We are looking into this, but as is normal with the beginning stages of any investigation, I can't say where we'll land in terms of implementing features to support Concept2 indoor rowing data on Strava. To be determined. 

    Here is what I've learned from a little research so far - please chime in and add any information that might help us move forward with this project. 

    The Concept2 Logbook uses the file format CSV. Can anyone attach such a file to this discussion? 

    If using one of the Performance Monitors (PM) to record data from the Concept2 machine, you can upload the files to the Logbook using a USB drive. 

    If using the ErgData mobile app (iOS/Android), certain recent models of the PM (3, 4, 5) can upload the data via Bluetooth to the app, which then can upload the data to the Concept2 Logbook via the app. 

    There is an API for the Logbook, but after a quick look there doesn't appear to be any API calls to export Concept2 Logbook data, which would be needed to send data to Strava. 

    If there is a way to send Logbook data to Strava via the API, there would need to be extra development to then display the Concept2 data in Strava in a meaningful way. What data, metrics, or graphs are most important to you? Can anyone attach screenshots that illustrate how Concept2 or ErgData display such data? 

    Tarun Shome seems to have found a workaround to upload Concept2 data to Strava, but I'm curious to know more about the step described after exporting a CSV from Concept2, where the file is then uploaded to Runkeeper via the ErgData app? 

    Thanks for the help! 

  • this would be great

  • I would like to see this feature added too. It would be great to have all the data from my cycling and indoor rowing in one place.

  • Yes please include support for work outs on concept2


  • Also need to go beyond the 9999 meter limit for recording a row.

  • Yes, this would be great as the concept2 log is fairly basic compared to the data and graphics of the strava site

  • Please consider supporting Concept2 Logbook (CVS) files.

  • +1

  • Wow, I am overwhelmed I can't upload my Concept2 log files in Strava or a workout using any rowing software GPS measured or not. Strava users do you know of a good tool to use to log both cycling, running and rowing data??

  • Jonathan, and others...

    The best way to get a rudimentary record of a Concept 2 workout, will depend upon the device you are using- and you'll need a device. My Garmin 910 will record some data from the concept 2, if I treat it as a run. The problem will be then that Strava doesn't have a proper conversion and I think most of the data will not be converted as it labels it an 'indoor' activity. You may be able to record your Concept 2 workouts as 'runs' and then just title them 'concept2'. Not a perfect solution, but you can at least keep up with them somewhat.


    One would think this wouldn't be such a difficult fix for strava- I just keep posting, hoping that someone will read this and respond!


    We can put a man on the moon...

  • Logical interface to build. The concept 2 community is not small - Strava, great chance to grab some more users and support the mad rowers out there 

  • Yes please include upload support for Concept2 rowing

  • This would be a very helpful widget for those of us who divide our time between cycling and rowing.  These feature would also further secure Strava's position in the market as the premier log for us amateur athletes.

  • Any advise for importing Concept2 workouts to Strava yet?
  • Yes, please add this function. 

  • Yes, this would be fine !

    Current I record my indoor rows with ErgData to sync with the concept2 Logbook.

    Additional with my Mac and a USB cable connected with the PM5 and the Chrome extension PainSled.

    Then I  import the TCX file. Looks like

    But it's not optimal. Automatically sync between ErgData and Strava would be great !

    And statistics and training log not only for running and cycling !!

  • This would be awesome!

    PM5 could be logged straight into Strava App via bluetooth?

  • Please add this functionality - I was surprised to find that Strava does not have this already!

  • Bump for a great idea.

  • Concept to Strava is definitely needed.

  • Is this still not available on Strava?


  • Yes please add this feature. The Concept 2 is a key cross-training option and I want to hold all my training data centrally in Strava,

  • supposedly pm4 and pm5 sync well with older garmin watches like fr70 or 910. ironically all the newer devices won't work anymore

  • I guess since we're going on two years since you made this request, there must be a partnership problem with concept2, or strava just doesn't care.


  • Agree. The user should be able to pick their top activities to see and have the data show up.  I don't run (bad knees) but cycle (in/out), C2 Row and Xfit, hike, swim, etc and all Strava will show is Run/Bike/Swim.... 

  • Yes please!

  • Please support Concept2, there must be many others that want this feature; but haven't taken the time to request!

  • agreed. seconded. upvoted... 

  • Yes please! Ideally log the rowing workout using Bluetooth connection from PM5 to the Strava app.

  • Another +1 for this idea. I run, cycle, swim and also have a Concept 2 ergo. It would be great to be able to see all my training in one place. I use Garmin products for the other three activities, and the sync from Connect to Strava works brilliantly. It would be great to have something similar for the C2 online log.

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