Import Rowing workouts to Strava from the Concept2 log

For those of us who split their time between rowing running and cycling it would be great to have all this on strava.



  • great idea! 


  • I agree. - make it happen please Strava

  • That would be awesome. 

  • + 1

    Yes please! Ideally log the rowing workout using Bluetooth connection from PM5 to the Strava app.

  • Yes please! It's a very useful to get all activities in Strava including Concept2 PM5! Please deploy support of this! Ideally through Bluetooth with mobile Strava App.

  • +1

  • +1 Please, please

  • I use Strava for cycling and now want a rowing machine that supports it. Please add this feature soon.

  • +1

    It would be great to have my cycling and rowing stats in one place.

  • Yes, please add this to Strava. Would be a great feature!

  • Before I bought my Concept2 I just assumed that I'd be able to import my data into Strava, then when I started using it I was surprised that there was no way to do so either directly from the app, or via CSV :-(

    I love the way I can keep my runs and rides in one place, and share with others no matter what device they're using. It would be great to be able to have my rowing there too - even if it's just a basic, manual entry.

  • In the next weeks I will start with CONCEPT2-rowing si that I would also like to consider this in STRAVA!

  • I just bought a Concept 2. Why don't you have this already?

  • I added a related request today:

  • Dear Strava

    There's obviously a demand for this. Please sort this out so we can sync our Concept 2 logs with our Strava accounts. 

    Kind regards 

    A frustrated strava addict. 

  • Every time I get another notification about someone responding to this thread, it's like strava slapping me in the face and telling me to f-off.

    honestly, how card can it be to implement an import...

  • I'm interested in this as well! Let's make it happen!

  • +1. Strava, get on this. Good way to differentiate further from your competitors.

  • I have a Concept2, would love a rowing feature on strava. So +1 :)

  • Can we please have some indication from a Strava spokesperson on where this request sits in the scheme of development?
    Is the integration too difficult, is it not considered important enough, is it planned for inclusion in a scheduled upgrade????
    Any feedback from the Strava office would be welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Strava, it has been 18 months or more since this thread was created.  is a nice App that sucks data off the rower directly to your phone. It stores that data local and then uploads to Concept2 log book. Surely Strava could get an API to connect to the local erg app so that when we upload it has a choice to upload to Strava as well as Concept 2 

    Alternatively the guys at Concept2 could create an API from their log book to strava - same way that Garmin or Sunnto does.  

    Bottom line, Strava community doesn't just run and cycle there are many of us who cross train. Concept 2 rowers are a serious platform with a huge community 

    Be great to here something back on this 






  • I don't work for strava, but based on the lack of response in two years (unless I missed one), I gather they just don't care enough to support it, and would rather not admit that fact. 



  • Strava, come on! build a feature to import Indoor rowing data as generated by Concept2. You guys CAN do this!

  • I use Strava every week to record my rides and I'm just about to purchase a Concept2 rower with PM5. I'd love to be able to use the the Strava app to keep track of these activities all in one place. Please add this feature!


  • Strava, the lack of Concept2 integration prevents me from upgrading to a premium account. Indoor rowing is a popular endurance training besides running and cycling and Concept2 is the most popular rowing platform!

    Hint: Concept2 has their logbook API here: 

    +1 for this feature!


  • Surprised this hasnt happened yet, I use Strava daily with a Garmin and also use a concept2 but its not easily to put that data on to it, Concept2 rower is a great machine why Strava doesnt support it?

  • It would be great to update the strata app to directly connect to the concept 2 ! That would mean that strata adds a "rowing" activity also in its supported file format list.

  • I have a Fenix 3, so I automatically share my Garmin results with Strava. Strava is my meeting place outside of Garmin, with Suunto and Polar people. I think the ball lies in the camp of Concept 2. They have a lot of catching up to do if they want to count in the social sports community. Their inteface is legging a couple of generations behind and they don't hook up properly with the crowd that seeks and gives support in the cloud.

    Rowing is a good sport, concept 2 offers fantastic indoor rowers. Pitty they don't connect.

  • This is so frustrating. Not saying this is the job of Strava to do this, however, it would be great if they would pick up the ball and run with this. 

  • I have solved this. It's a bit convoluted, but does work. Only logs distance and time but that's a start. Open a Runkeeper account, then add the Ergdata (Concept 2 log sync) app to Runkeeper. Using the Concept 2 log card utility, export to a CSV, then upload via the Ergdata app to Runkeeper. Now use to sync Runkeeper with Strava. Sounds like a faff, but I pay a few dollars for Tapiriik auto sync so only need to upload a CSV via Ergdata in Runkeeper and it automatically syncs to Strava.

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