Import Rowing workouts to Strava from the Concept2 log

For those of us who split their time between rowing running and cycling it would be great to have all this on strava.



  •  HI Elle,

    Great that you are looking at this.

    Re your questions:-

    1. see below a screenshot of how the Concept2 Log data is displayed for an individual workout

    2. I can send you CSV files for a season summary (one line per workout), and an individual workout (looks like one line per stroke), but can't immediately see how to attach a file to this page? I have emailed them to you via Strava Support.

    3. I would be most interested in seeing the following metrics:

    * Distance

    * Time

    * Pace - ideally per 500m as concept2 display it, but any other format would be fine

    * Heart rate (average and ideally a graph)

    * Power (average and ideally a graph)

    Secondary level of priority for me would be:

    * Strokes per minute (SPM) - analagous to cadence for cycling so might fit with your existing model?

    * Splits info

    Happy to help with any other info if you need anything else





  • Elie, you could also use the BT API for iOS and Android and directly include it in the Strava App. So, you could display data from the PM5 and directly send the data session to Strava.

  • I just found this thread. I have actually put up an independent site which can import to and from Concept2 logbook and Strava. 

    The basic functionality of the site is free to use and you can use it to shuttle your workouts from Concept2 logbook to Strava. 

    However, take a few moments to explore some of the other options of the site. It is compatible with most of the  apps that work with the Concept2 PM and caters for "On the water" (OTW) rowers as well. 

    The site is still in beta but already very usable. 

  • For Garmin users: there is something exiting going on: an IQ app (BETA) for Garmin watches to connect to the PM5

    So finally people are working on it from several fronts (watch, Garmin Connect and Strava ) :))




  • If any developers want a hand with any of this stuff, I row and write api's. So I'm a pretty good resource if needed.

  • Hi all.

    I was also a frustrated rower and decided to 'roll my own' method of putting my C2 sessions on to Strava. This was so that all my swim, bike, run, row data is in one place.

    Using the Concept2 and Strava APIs there is an automatic update of C2 session data to Strava. No need for downloading and uploading. It just happens in the background and takes a few minutes from when the C2 log is uploaded to when it goes to Strava.

    My goal was to have my C2 sessions 'overlaid' on real world rivers and lakes and then to have segments, leaderboards, personal best etc. for these 'courses'. It keeps me motivated and provides a nice visual reference of a course. If you've used Zwift for indoor cycling and explored the courses in the world of Watopia then you'll know what I mean.

    However the C2 sessions which overlay maps cannot be tagged as 'rowing' workouts. This is because that is only to be used for outdoor rowing. There isn't a 'virtual rowing' option just yet and so the C2 sessions have to be saved on Strava as 'virtual rides' - as Zwift sessions are for indoor cyclists.

    REQUEST TO STRAVA: Please create a 'virtual row' workout type. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement :)

    It is possible to change the workout type to 'Rowing' and then select the 'Indoor' option to keep things 'legal'. But then the outdoor map view is lost.

    Take a look at

    The work by Sander is also very interesting and worth a look. I only discovered his great work after I'd built my own solution to this 'missing' Strava option.

  • Yes, this would be great as the concept2 log is fairly basic compared to the data and graphics of the strava site

  • +1

  • Logical interface to build. The concept 2 community is not small - Strava, great chance to grab some more users and support the mad rowers out there 

  • Yes please include upload support for Concept2 rowing

  • Any advise for importing Concept2 workouts to Strava yet?
  • Please add this functionality - I was surprised to find that Strava does not have this already!

  • great idea! 


  • + 1

    Yes please! Ideally log the rowing workout using Bluetooth connection from PM5 to the Strava app.

  • +1 Please, please

  • +1

    It would be great to have my cycling and rowing stats in one place.

  • Yes, please add this to Strava. Would be a great feature!

  • In the next weeks I will start with CONCEPT2-rowing si that I would also like to consider this in STRAVA!

  • I added a related request today:

  • Dear Strava

    There's obviously a demand for this. Please sort this out so we can sync our Concept 2 logs with our Strava accounts. 

    Kind regards 

    A frustrated strava addict. 

  • Every time I get another notification about someone responding to this thread, it's like strava slapping me in the face and telling me to f-off.

    honestly, how card can it be to implement an import...

  • I'm interested in this as well! Let's make it happen!

  • +1. Strava, get on this. Good way to differentiate further from your competitors.

  • I have a Concept2, would love a rowing feature on strava. So +1 :)

  • Can we please have some indication from a Strava spokesperson on where this request sits in the scheme of development?
    Is the integration too difficult, is it not considered important enough, is it planned for inclusion in a scheduled upgrade????
    Any feedback from the Strava office would be welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Strava, come on! build a feature to import Indoor rowing data as generated by Concept2. You guys CAN do this!

  • I use Strava every week to record my rides and I'm just about to purchase a Concept2 rower with PM5. I'd love to be able to use the the Strava app to keep track of these activities all in one place. Please add this feature!


  • Surprised this hasnt happened yet, I use Strava daily with a Garmin and also use a concept2 but its not easily to put that data on to it, Concept2 rower is a great machine why Strava doesnt support it?

  • It would be great to update the strata app to directly connect to the concept 2 ! That would mean that strata adds a "rowing" activity also in its supported file format list.

  • I have a Fenix 3, so I automatically share my Garmin results with Strava. Strava is my meeting place outside of Garmin, with Suunto and Polar people. I think the ball lies in the camp of Concept 2. They have a lot of catching up to do if they want to count in the social sports community. Their inteface is legging a couple of generations behind and they don't hook up properly with the crowd that seeks and gives support in the cloud.

    Rowing is a good sport, concept 2 offers fantastic indoor rowers. Pitty they don't connect.

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