Import Rowing workouts to Strava from the Concept2 log

For those of us who split their time between rowing running and cycling it would be great to have all this on strava.



  • This is so frustrating. Not saying this is the job of Strava to do this, however, it would be great if they would pick up the ball and run with this. 

  • This is my second Premium trial, and I see this is still not working. I'll try Premium for 30 days, and I'll be out again. I do both rowing and cycling, and want pay for the service before Concept2 logs are synced with Strava.

    Also, how do you edit an existing row? I don't find out how to edit metres.


  • Yes please STRAVA. Can't believe you don't support Concept2 considering how many of us use them. Surely a lost opportunity.

  • P.S. Elle - I have had a quick look at the API documentation.

    It appears to support get commands for

    1. An individual result : GET /api/users/{user}/results/{result_id}

    2. A date range: GET /api/users/me/results?from=2015-05-01&to=2015-05-31&type=rower

    3. All results for current user : GET /api/users/{user}/results

    So perhaps no need to go via CSV?


  • Thanks Paul, I got the files and the screenshot and will add them to the information I'm compiling for the development team. 

    As for the API calls, I also saw those calls for results, but to me that means the results from a leaderboard or a challenge, as Concept2 seems to host, and not for the data of a single rowing activity with the metrics you listed as #3 above. However, that's just my assumption. 

  • Hi Elle,

    The API refers to ability to get & post "workouts", which looks to me to be a single rowing activity. See this screenshot which shows my workouts (uploaded from ergdata) - it also has a manual 'Add workout' form which is for an ordinary rowing activity. The 'Post' documentation has a list of fields which also matches what i would expect to see for a single rowing activity.

    Btw, the leaderboards are determined in concept2 by manually choosing your best effort - this is the 'Rank' / 'Unrank' button. So like strava PRs/KOMs but for some reason they you have to manually decide which workouts to rank (maybe to make the data processing of the leaderboards simpler for them?).

    The challenges look similar to strava challenges, i.e. how much you can row between two pre-defined dates, etc. There is a separate GET call to get a list of challenges from the API.

    For strava integration I would say that leaderboard / challenges are not relevant, it is the individual workouts that matter, and if you can take it this far there is also a 'Stroke data' GET command which I am guessing is the equivalent of the CSV result detail file I sent you.

    Also I notice they use result_id as the unique identifier in the documentation - which matches the name of the CSV result detail file I sent you - I would guess the number in the filename is the result_id for that particular workout.






  • * Distance

    * Time

    * Pace - ideally per 500m as concept2 display it, but any other format would be fine

    * Heart rate (average and ideally a graph)

    * Strokes per minute (SPM) - analagous to cadence for cycling so might fit with your existing model?

    Thanks for looking into it!



  • I'd put a plug in for wattage given that Strava is probably not going to be able to show speed in the conventional 500m split manner.

    Thanks for picking this up!


  • Would it be possible to have the Strava App talk to PM5 (Bluetooth Smart) directly?

  • I am the "generous community member" who created 

    The Concept2 logbook has an API. You can get stroke data from the API. I use it to import data to my site, then use the Strava API to get data to Strava (Power, Pace, Cadence, Distance, Time, Heart Rate, etc). 

    There is an app Painsled ( for iOS, which captures data directly from the PM5, just as ErgData does. It has Strava sync out of the box. 

    ErgData syncs to the Concept2 logbook. You can download a CSV file for an individual workout. Here's an example:


  • Strava.... listen the the tortured masses - we need this. make it work.... 

  • @Cory Davis

    Concept 2 have just introduced an automatic sync from their Logbook to Strava. So you are half way there recording your rows on ErgData. You should then connect your C2 Logbook account to your Strava account you will only have to do this once -

    You will then need to upload your workouts via the ErgData app to the Concept 2 Logbook - Once they are uploaded they will sync to Strava shortly after being uploaded to the C2 Logbook.

    For advanced rowing analysis,
    For a cool Virtual Map upload to Strava @C2_2_Strava
    Also with Virtual Map but also video as you row

  • Tested this yesterday. It kind of worked, but the summary seems to be wrong (distance and speed):

    The stroke data is plotted nicely, but again, the speed data curve is wrong


    NOTE: I used RowPro for uploading to log.concept2, there might be some issues there.

  • I too would love to see the integration of Concept 2 PM5 data on Strava. I love to see my cycling and ergo workout data side by side on Strava. To the individuals who are spearheading this effort, I wish you more grease to your elbows. Thanks for the nice work so far.

  • Does anybody know why heart rate data does not show up in Strava after being synced from C2 log?

    I have tried the following data routes:

    RowPro > C2 Log (Upload via RowPro) > Strava


    PM3 > C2 Log (via C2 utility) > Strava

    Each time I only see distance and time in Strava.

  • I would love to get my heart rate data on strava with my rows too! Is this possible with a external app? Would be great if it worked from the Concept 2 logbook directly? Would love to have all my HRM data in one place to better judge recovery etc 

  • Also need to go beyond the 9999 meter limit for recording a row.

  • Wow, I am overwhelmed I can't upload my Concept2 log files in Strava or a workout using any rowing software GPS measured or not. Strava users do you know of a good tool to use to log both cycling, running and rowing data??

  • Jonathan, and others...

    The best way to get a rudimentary record of a Concept 2 workout, will depend upon the device you are using- and you'll need a device. My Garmin 910 will record some data from the concept 2, if I treat it as a run. The problem will be then that Strava doesn't have a proper conversion and I think most of the data will not be converted as it labels it an 'indoor' activity. You may be able to record your Concept 2 workouts as 'runs' and then just title them 'concept2'. Not a perfect solution, but you can at least keep up with them somewhat.


    One would think this wouldn't be such a difficult fix for strava- I just keep posting, hoping that someone will read this and respond!


    We can put a man on the moon...

  • That would be awesome. 

  • +1

  • I use Strava for cycling and now want a rowing machine that supports it. Please add this feature soon.

  • bump - seriously... a tremendous oversight. this would bigly be appreciated. 

  • I just don't think strava care at all. Two years!!

  • +1 for this

  • A generous community member has created and shared a site to sync Concept2 data with Strava: 

    We are looking into this, but as is normal with the beginning stages of any investigation, I can't say where we'll land in terms of implementing features to support Concept2 indoor rowing data on Strava. To be determined. 

    Here is what I've learned from a little research so far - please chime in and add any information that might help us move forward with this project. 

    The Concept2 Logbook uses the file format CSV. Can anyone attach such a file to this discussion? 

    If using one of the Performance Monitors (PM) to record data from the Concept2 machine, you can upload the files to the Logbook using a USB drive. 

    If using the ErgData mobile app (iOS/Android), certain recent models of the PM (3, 4, 5) can upload the data via Bluetooth to the app, which then can upload the data to the Concept2 Logbook via the app. 

    There is an API for the Logbook, but after a quick look there doesn't appear to be any API calls to export Concept2 Logbook data, which would be needed to send data to Strava. 

    If there is a way to send Logbook data to Strava via the API, there would need to be extra development to then display the Concept2 data in Strava in a meaningful way. What data, metrics, or graphs are most important to you? Can anyone attach screenshots that illustrate how Concept2 or ErgData display such data? 

    Tarun Shome seems to have found a workaround to upload Concept2 data to Strava, but I'm curious to know more about the step described after exporting a CSV from Concept2, where the file is then uploaded to Runkeeper via the ErgData app? 

    Thanks for the help! 

  • Here my comments for your indoor rowing requirement document:

    • Make sure that you define indoor rowing independent of the outdoor rowing (separation of statistics and slightly different requirements in metrics.) 
    • Assume two basic use cases: A) Row fixed time and measure reached distance. B) Row fixed distance and measure needed time. Both are common for indoor rowing (outdoor rowing is dominated by fixed distance as you are more likely to use land marks for training row and fixed course for regattas)
    • Use meter as unit for distance (for outdoor row I would expect x.x km as unit)
    • Measure speed / effort in time / 500 m (for outdoor row I would expect time / km). Other units like watt and calories are secondary and less important, 500 m times is what really counts.
    • Allow a split of an indoor row into sperate time / distance intervals  with individual statistics
    • Virtual regatta: Allow a competition which overlays workouts of individuals and also competitions of crews (sum the workouts of 2, 4 or eight rowers and let them compete against another team)
    • Standard distances: 2000 m, 5000 m, 8000 m, 10000 m, 12000 m, 15000 m
    • Standard times: 20 min, 30 min, 40 min, 45 min, 50 min 60 min, 90 min
    • Make sure that manual input is possible. We may erg in gyms with outdated hardware.
  • Thanks Sander R. 

    Have any of you on this thread managed to try

    What do the activities look like when they reach Strava? I'm assuming they are still missing a lot of data like strokes that is available on Concept2 Logbook. 

  • I tried it, but my logbook records apparently don't have stroke information so rowsandall ignores them completely (they were uploaded to the logbook using the concept2 logbook tool from my PM5 USB card).  Since many of use the PM5 and upload using the standard tools, we only have workout information (distance, time, row/m, pace time/500m, etc.) but don't have detailed stroke information.

  • In response to Bjoern:

    Both on the water and on the erg, pace is measured as time/500m. Apart from the use cases you mention, we do intervals (mixed, time based, distance based). Outdoor rowing is NOT dominated by distance. Actually, a lot of workouts are time based because of the lack of landmarks (on lakes). 

    Units like watts are starting to be introduced to Outdoor rowing, and are very important for Indoor rowing.

    Finally, I have experimented with defining "segments" on lakes and rivers, but very often the segment is not recognized. We rowers tend to drift a bit further from the ideal line (we are facing the direction we come from, not where we are going). 

    Ideally, an outdoor segment should be defined by a start line, finish line, and optionally a few buoys that need to be rounded/passed. For example, some of my regular benchmark rows involve a start and finish line on the same part of the lake. From the start I row 3km in a more or less straight line, rounding a buoy and then returning to the start line.

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