Import Rowing workouts to Strava from the Concept2 log

For those of us who split their time between rowing running and cycling it would be great to have all this on strava.



  • Elle - works great! Everybody in this discussion should take a look. There are tons of useful data visualization features on the site which you should definitely check out (you won't believe what he can do with your data!) but, for purposes of this discussion, the ability to move data between apps/devices to Strava will be of special interest. One can import TCX, CSV, FIT files directly from apps such as ErgData, BoatCoach, RowPro, Painsled and NK GPS2 to and then export to Strava. Alternatively, one can import C2 Logbook data (files originally uploaded to C2 from ErgData, RowPro, etc.) to rowsandall and then export to Strava. 

    It would be great to have a direct link from apps/devices, even the PM5 itself, to Strava but this is a terrific work-around with many additional capabilities. 

    MM (an enthusiastic user of rowsandall for several months now; not financially involved) 

  • Here's a snip of today's workout recorded on BoatCoach, imported to and exported to Strava. 

  • Yes, it only works if you have stroke data. Use ErgData, BoatCoach, RowPro or (I believe) newer version of the C2 utility

  • Again frustrated by looking at my training log and not seeing a single mile rowed.  Bad enough that you have to manually input Concept2 activities, but then the manually added activities aren't even included in the training log?!  

  • Tim, take a look at You may like it.

    Here is a primer to get you started: 

    Sync to Strava is included!

  • Andrew I have made a support ticket for adding the 'Virtual Row' sport option?

    If it is approved it should appear here -

  • I too would like to be able to get my Concept 2 data onto Strava. I use Concept 2's ErgData app on my iPhone 

  • It looks like this functionality is now built right into the C2 logbook, see here:

  • OK so I just found out about the C2 log option that lets you sync to strava, I went through the motions of setting it up, it took me to a strava page where I had to allow the sync.  I have since done 2 workouts on C2 but noting has showed up on my strava feed or training log


    What am I missing?

  • Thanks Richard it works. Thank you Strava for allowing Concept II logbook to upload to Strava :)

  • So where about on strava should I be able to see the data , done 7 work outs on the C2 now since linking the accounts, and cant find where it shows up in strava?

  • Great news! I haven't had a chance to try this out yet, but I'm curious to see how an activity like once it reaches Strava. Could someone post a link to a Strava activity that's been added automatically from their C2 logbook?

  • Hopefully they change the program so that ErgData can also be upgloaded , I can't use a laptop with row pro in the gym

  • It is confirmed that there is a bug i rowpro that casuses the summary to be wrong.

    Strange that ErgData does not work... Using a laptop/RowPro in the gym is not very practical:)

  • @Mad Max
    You just link your C2 Logbook account to Strava, then any uploads to the C2 logbook from the ErgData app will automatically sync across to Strava.

    @Håvard Siljedal
    I had a similar issue recently with the Polar App syncing to Strava. Strava changed a few of the column headers or something to do with the data fields. If the data is correct in the C2logbook then maybe C2 need to double check the data fields are correct. If not correct in C2logbook then its row pro.

  • I downloaded the race data uploaded by RowPro, and the data field for 'distance' is off by a factor of 10. I guess this verifies that the problem is the data sendt from RowPro to concept2 log.

  • @richard G

    I have linked the accounts from C2 end, and verified on strava that they are linked, but nothing, also tried unlinking from each and 1 at a time and relinking, must just be a bug

    Yeah laptop would be OK for a home C2, but not practicle for a public gym

  • You can still use the free service at to shuttle workouts to Strava correctly - or use Painsled on iOS which connects to both C2 and Strava

  • The automatic syncing with Strava from the C2 Logbook is working perfectly for me. I use ErgData on my phone while rowing, then when I sync the app with my Logbook it automatically syncs with Strava.

    I was using Rowsandall beforehand, which also works well, but now I don't have to do anything at all to get my rowing into Strava. 

  • @Mad Max

    Only new workouts will sync across once uploaded.

    If you want to sync any old ones as Sander has said you would need to use

    Could also be a bug as C2 are still testing it.

  • Am I right in saying that its only after you have created the link in your C2 profile that C2 workouts will be added?

    Assume it will not upload bulk data from past rows?

  • @Graham Bentley

    Yes only new C2 workouts after C2 log is linked to Strava. 

    To bulk upload from past rows you would need fitness files and then manually upload 25 at a time to Strava. Not too sure if ErgData can export these? can make this easier by importing workouts from the C2 log and then exporting them to Strava. I think you need to click each one, I don't think there is a bulk import of sorts.

  • We do have functionality to import into all your recent work flouts at once, but no bulk export. Let me explain why.

    It could be added easily, but I am not sure it is the best use of my time. I don't really like creating functionality that (almost) exists somewhere else. Your best bet would be to ask the guy from the excellent site to add C2 functionality. I use that site myself (paid version) and it is excellent.

    for, I like to focus on creating value by offering rowing specific analysis that Strava doesn't give. The import/export to Strava functionality is a must, because of the great things Strava has. I want my workouts to be on Strava, but import/export a few workouts at a time, because I spend time on to analyze the rowing specific aspects of my workout. 


    Of courSe, if you have a really convincing reason why I should implement bulk import/export, let me know, but bear in mind that I am doing the site in my free time. Any work I do on the site eats into time during which I could do a workout ;-) 

  • The LiveRowing app has just announced Strava connectivity. It looks like they're ahead of Concept2.

  • Dowloaded and ready to go! Well done Strava for (finally) sorting this out. Fingers crossed it actually works.

  • How do we sub. to these threads? (maybe this post will do it) TY/BR.

  • I have solved this. It's a bit convoluted, but does work. Only logs distance and time but that's a start. Open a Runkeeper account, then add the Ergdata (Concept 2 log sync) app to Runkeeper. Using the Concept 2 log card utility, export to a CSV, then upload via the Ergdata app to Runkeeper. Now use to sync Runkeeper with Strava. Sounds like a faff, but I pay a few dollars for Tapiriik auto sync so only need to upload a CSV via Ergdata in Runkeeper and it automatically syncs to Strava.

  • You can use the PainSled app to sync Concept2 workouts to Strava. TCX export with manual upload is free, direct sync to Strava is $10/year with a free month trial. I'm the developer. Give it a try :)

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