Manage Dashboard Activity Noise - "Acquaintances Group" for Strava


Filter out Activities from certain users so they don't show up in your Dashboard Activity View.

As Strava becomes more and more popular there needs to be a way to filter your incoming Activity Dashboard.  Something similar to the Facebook Acquaintances List where I can put certain users into this list so there Activities won't show up in my Dashboard view.

For example, your friend at work added you to Strava so you feel pressured to follow him (or her).  Now every time I log in to Strava he's spamming my Dashboard w/ commuter to and from work Activities.



  • My dashboard news feed has become overwhelming.  There are some core riders I would like to closely follow, and some others that I do maintain a curiosity about, but I don't want to see their every ride on my feed.  I would like to be able to create different personal lists.  An acquaintances list is perfect, but I'd also have a teammates list, a friends list, mountain bikers, roadies, etc.  I don't want them all pushed into one long news feed all of the time.

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  • Hi, a dashboard grouping feature is much needed. Is this on an feature back log?
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  • this has been in planning for five years now?

    here is my point:

    would love to split between these two groups:

    01 friends, basically as is, they show up in my segments, dashboard etc

    02 pros and other athletes of public interest, nice to be able to dig into their activities but  they do not need to show up in my daily feed, segments, ...

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