Create new Achievement Badge based on points a la Grand Tours

I watch a lot of cycling and in order to be the king of the mountains or the Sprint King the pro's need to accumulate the most points. I think it would be an awesome feature and drive more users to use the premium features as they no longer need to be the fastest to take the KOM but the most consistent.

So it will be based on the cyclist that accumulates the most amounts of points based on how fast they do the segment as well as how many times they do the segment.

It would also be nice to be able to label climbs vs sprint sections when we create a segment so you would either get the KOM for climbs or the Sprint King for sprints.

Example of how to calc points:

Ride segment - 1 point

Top 5 gets extra points:

1 - 10 points,2 - 8,3 - 6,4 - 4,5 - 2

So if you road the segment and place 3rd you would get 7 total points (1 for riding, 6 for placing 3rd)



  • I think this would help out a ton in people cheating to get a KOM as they would have to keep doing that in order to keep the KOM/QOM. It also gives us slower people in the top 10 a chance to wear the KOM/QOM badge.

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  • Absolutely great idea! A lot of the segments I come across on my rides are way too dangerous to try for a KOM (one contains a left turn from a stop sign on a semi-busy road, which you could really only do at night when there's no traffic, etc.). This is a very promising suggestion.

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  • Agreed! Nice idea, and thanks for sharing! 

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