Segments Leaderboards: add a histogram view of the distribution of riders in time bins

the current table of riders ranked by time would be greatly enhanced by a histogram, a graphic distribution showing the number of riders in time bins, such a view gives  a more immediate sense of the performance compared to the whole community



  • Agreed. So many people rank above me, but it's hard to see how good my times are compared to the norm (ie what percentile am I in). I'll have a crack at using the API to do this I think

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  • Yes, it is much more meaningful than just a ranking number and also better shows the clustering of different ability levels.

    I notice that Garmin Connect offers a histogram display of performance, so obviously the community can grasp and benefit from this.

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  • Agreed - a histogram along side a percentile is a much more intiutive way to assess performance over rank.

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