Allow users to change the TEAM as listed on the Profile page

Currently the "TEAM" defaults to the club or team you "subscribe" and is not a choice made by the user. In many cases the TEAM someone is racing for will NOT show.

It is requested that this be a user defined field vice a default based upon clubs/groups/teams you're subscribed to. Many non-pro riders and users are part of multiple clubs and/or teams based upon discipline and the time of year (road in Summer and mountain bike in Fall/Winter).



  • Either no one at Strava is reading this request or they are ignoring it because their feedback system presents it as a single minor request from 2014 rather than multiple, repeated requests from many users.

    I suggest that all of us who have posted here go to the "submit a request" page -- -- and submit a bunch of separate requests for the same thing.


  • I too would like this feature implemented.

  • 3 years since this feature was requested and Strava cant do this?


  • Please fix this

  • My last email for these guys. Let's wait and see what they say. Anyway!

    ... "Since November 2014 ( this topic has been asked. The possibility to allow users to change the TEAM as listed on the Profile page in the user's profile and not that imposed on us by you (STRAVA).
    With so many updates already made by you throughout this years and after so many requests of it. It´s so difficult to implement this one??

    If you don't have noticed, whoever loses in the middle of this is all you with your stubbornness or attempt to ignore a subject that has been dragging since 2014.

    Oh!! By the way! Tell to Elle Anderson that it's not worth her to keep up with her justifications over time.

    Or you have interested to improve and continue to be respected or just eliminate this TEAM option from the users profile. Simple!

    Waiting for a reply. Thank's!"...

  • Fix This

  • Elle/Jeremy/Other Strava moderators,

    It sounds like the limitation on Strava's end is additional costs and time. I've seen many people post that, as web developers, it would take them a very short time to do. Would it be possible to outsource this project to one of those developers? I'm sure somebody would willingly take on the project in return for some free Strava premium package.


  • Update: Tweeted to strava support. Got a response within the hour (

    "I wish we had news for you. Ability to switch team on the Profile has been discussed and it's something we want to make happen"

    Imagine there's more pressure for a change when people beyond the strava community (ie. potential new members) see what's happening.

  • Why isn't this addressed already? I've seen comments dating back to Feb 2014 on this... Should be such a simple change to allow members to select which of one of the teams/clubs they want to show affiliation with instead of defaulting to the first one they joined. Come on Strava developers. 

  • +1 for this.

  • Great news, work is underway to allow for the selection of your preferred racing team in your Strava profile settings on the website. More information coming when available. 

  • Elle, you again?? With your speach?
    Come on! Don't be silly!!
    This post start in 2014, with a simply question and after all these years the same was unsolved.

    Stop with your excuses and when you want say something. Say: "It's possible now!!" Other way. Shut up, please!

  • @Ellen Anderson, thank you and the others at Strava for finally making this happen.  It saddens me that my request has taken almost three years to be heard and acted upon.  I will admit I had pretty much given up hope on this issue.  However, I, and the others who supported my request, will be excited to see it roll out.  Please keep us updated on the timeline in which this will become a reality.

  • I'll echo the positive comments about the potential for this to be realised. It's been a long time coming for what should be relatively simple and clearly required.
    While there is no need for vulgarity or attacks on individual staff the tone of response here is indicative of the frustration it's caused. I posted very early (Nov 14) that I was offended with the view that it was a Pro feature and Strava was aimed at cyclists out of my league yet was happy to take my premium money.
    Like others that attitude convinced me to stop my susbscription over a year ago.
    As I said then there are two issues, that yes affect me personally, but arguably were also being cried for by many others. This. And the palpable disdain for mountain biking. Fix them, and the next day I will restart my membership. Treat me ass axons class, and I will act accordingly.

  • We've made one small improvement - you can now select any club you've joined to appear on your profile, not just those clubs designated as a racing team. 

  • Much thanks for implementing this feature. Yes, it took too long and people were frustrated. But that's water under the bridge. The feature is available and it works. Thanks!

  • Hi Elle, how can this be done? I don't see any button/action on the website or Android Strava App.

  • Rafal, it's only available on the Strava website at this time.

  • I find it unbelievable that this still isn't possible to edit. I've joined four clubs on Strava. I want to remain a member of all four, but the one I'm currently representing is not the one shown. And there is absolutely NO option anywhere on the Strava page to change it. Yes, I've seen an image here showing a selection box, but that's obviously a fake image, because no such thing appears in my profile settings, nor anywhere else on any of the pages on Strava when I'm logged in.

  • Sorry to hear Rasmus, the setting is located on the Strava website. Log into the website and click on Settings as it appears in the menu when you select your avatar in the upper right corner. On the first page of the settings, scroll down and you'll see the option. 

  • Is this a feature on the free version or just the premium version?  I've logged in clicked setting and can't not find the option. TIA

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