Add a Country Flag to Club Leaderboard

Hi. Do we have a chance to have country flag in clubs leaderboard next to other details like distance,elevgain,speed etc..
It would be nice to see people where they are from, because many people in same club are from different countries.




  • I think it's a good idea but you may have to consider the meaning of the flag: will it represent your nationality or the country where you currently reside? I think both information are relevant, therefore the city you input in your profile could be used as the place of residence versus the flag that would represent your nationality.

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  • Hi. Flag should represents a place where we actually cycling/running and it could be taken from our profile location. For example in our club 99% of people has the same nationality but we are splitted across europe, and i would like to see people who are cycling in a country where I am living.

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  • Well, in my club, it's the contrary: we almost all reside and ride in the same city but we have many nationalities. Therefore, you have to think about all cases. Maybe it would nice to have 2 flags? 1 for the nationality of the user and 1 for his living place? But with the current situation, you can already input a city in your profile: some people put their living place, some put their hometown. I believe it should be clarified by adding more fields. For instance: 

    • Hometown
    • Place of living
    • Nationality

    You could then generate a flag for each of these information.

    These 3 information can be different, so I believe they would be relevant.

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  • Thanks for the great idea! 

    For Strava Challenges, we list the city and country that the athlete has selected on their profile when displaying results. Maybe something similar could be used for the Club Leaderboard?

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