Moto 360 Heartrate Monitor Support

Any plans to add support for the Moto 360's heartrate monitor? Would love not to have to buy another device to wear, just to use the premium features advertised.



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    We support the GPS and Heart Rate with the Moto 360 Sport, but unfortunately we do not support the Heart Rate on any other Moto 360 devices. For an in-depth description of using the Sport with Strava, see our article.

  • I agree,

    Solid integration with the wearables on the market right now is a no brainer. 

  • Any update here? Will Strava premium work with the heart rate monitor on the 360? 

  • Sorry folks - I don't know if Strava is able to support the optical heart rate monitor with the Moto 360 at this time. 

    However, you may be able to capture the activity + heart rate data using another app, then sync the data to Strava. 

  • any updates on integration with the existing moto 360 HR sensor?

  • integration with the moto 360 HR sensor.
  • I see Elle said "I don't know" which probably means 'no'. As a programmer, I'd love more information as to why this is difficult/not-possible. Could someone write an open-source app to interface with strava-real time?

  • All I know is that when I start Strava, and go for a ride, the battery on my 360 drains like you wouldn't believe.  Everytime I get back from a ride I restart the watch and put it on to charge, otherwise it's dead by 4pm.

  • Adding support for this feature would definitely be incentive for me to upgrade to Strava Pro. 

  • this would be awesome!

    for those who want to prevent Strava draining battery on their moto360 - you can specifically block the notifications from the app (which push new data to your wrist every few seconds) - you will still be able to start it and open it on your watch, while preventing the battery drain, I think!

  • An official response to this would be nice. I am with Donovan; as a programmer as well, tell us how we can get involved to make this happen.

    Richard, press the bottom the side of your watch to turn off the display. That is the primary reason for battery drainage.
  • Any update here? As another engineer, this can't be that difficult. Is there a business reason this hasn't happened over the past year? If it required pro I'd be in a heart beat but for now free it is.
  • This would be great... as would be the battery consumption fix...

  • Really would like to get the integration of the heart heart monitor working with my favourite app Strava..even if it means to upgrade to the pro version..Please  ..this should have been the feature anyways with Moto 360 being so widely accepted and popular !

  • Really no official response here for almost a year? I was going to get the moto 360 to use the heart rate monitor with strava but looks like I'll have to wait for this feature first - hopefully it will be added someday...

  • +1!

  • So where is it? =) I mean support.

  • Yes please this would be awesome...

  • +1... I would upgrade to premium if this was available

  • +1 any response on this? 

  • +1

    But curious if Garmin Connect can capture the HR data and then sync to Strava as an alternative.

  • Bought a 360 sport for the Strava integration, and just started a free premium trial today. No heart rate means it's back to Strava Free, for me, unfortunately.

  • Hi everyone,

    Please see this article on Android and Moto360 compatibility.  

    You have to enable the HR in the Android Wear app settings and not the Strava app, which may be where the confusion is.

  • More precisely, Shelby, are you referring to the Moto Body data sharing connection with Strava? i.e. Go to Android Wear App -> Click the watch graphic to open Moto Connect -> click the Moto Body app icon [alternatively simply open Moto Body];

    Finally, go to the Moto Body Settings -> Data Sharing -> Enable Strava connection.

    I don't have premium currently, so can't really test whether that's working or not, but I assume that's exactly what it shares...

  • Shelby - Please forgive my ignorance, As Michal has elaborated on, I already have the Moto Body / Strava Data connection established, and the Moto 360 Sport works fine for ride Start/Stop, total miles, elapsed time, and avg MPH.  The only thing that does not work is the Heart Rate monitor (in Strava).  In Moto Body and Google Fit, the HR monitor is working well.  Is there another setting I am overlooking?  I have even dug into the ANT+ connection, but that seems to be a dead-end...  Any assistance is appreciated!!

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry for all the confusion around connecting the HR monitor with the Strava app.  To enable the HR data with Strava, go into your Settings in the Strava app and then go to Wear.  There should be an option in there to enable the HR.

    We're working to be able to provide you with more clear details and screenshots, but please try this and let us know if it still is not working for you.

  • Shelby Tramel, hello!

    I can only see gps setting in "android wear" settings in strava. There is no any HR option.

  • Just updated my Strava app as I thought maybe this was a feature in the newest version. No difference. The only option under "Wear" is "Use device GPS." My Moto 360 doesn't even have GPS, and but all of them have heart rate.

  • Hi everyone,

    There was some confusion on our end and I apologize for the incorrect information!  I just received the correct details on how to connect your HR to your Strava activities.

    1. On your Moto 360 watch, go to Settings > Permissions > Strava
    2. Click 'Sensors ENABLED'

    Once you've recorded an activity with the watch and you connect it over wifi to upload your activity to Strava, all of the GPS and HR data will be there.

    We're working on an article to better demonstrate this process.  Hope this helps you all!

  • Below is an image of what you should be able to select to turn your HR data on within your watch.

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