Moto 360 Heartrate Monitor Support

Any plans to add support for the Moto 360's heartrate monitor? Would love not to have to buy another device to wear, just to use the premium features advertised.



  • Thanks for the input. Tried this twice now on my original Moto 360, still doesn't seem to track heart rate. Is this a Premium only feature? On device it doesn't say anything about Premium when I click the "heart rate" section on my analysis, but on the computer it does. I would like to verify the functionality before paying for Premium.

  • Thank you very much Shelby for responding to all of us

  • As with others here, Heart Rate on the Moto 360 Sport still is not working for me in Strava.  FYI, I'm still trialing the Premium service (as I think HR is only available in Premium?), all other features/data of each ride I finish are updating correctly, except for the Heart Rate.  I've confirmed multiple times that all the settings and Data Sharing setups mentioned prior, are in place.   Are there any other suggestions?

  • Sadly, I have to agree with Jim. I have enabled all the permissions on my moto 360 1st gen., etc, but the watch is not feeding any HR data to the app. I got the Premium trial earlier today to test it and did 2 rides. That was 4 hours ago and the data has not been recorded...

  • Are you seeing this Strava? All these mentions of people who would pay for Premium, myself included, for this feature. Leaving money on the table by not implementing this..

  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.  We're working on a help article to help clarify the directions on enabling your HR data.  Will post that article in here as soon as it's finished.  

    Could you guys send activity links to activities where HR data was not included?  We'd like to look at the files and see if HR data is in them.  Just to be clear, HR data is not a premium feature, so as long as the file has HR data recorded in it, then it should be showing up on Strava.




  • Hi Shelby, here are my last 3 rides, all started / stopped / finished exclusively from my Moto 360 Sport:

    Thanks! Jim

  • @John, I've created a support ticket for you so that an agent can be assigned to the case to continue looking into this. 

  • Thank you, Elle. FYI, I've also been working on this with Sean from Strava Customer Support (ticket #628533, I believe).  Jim

  • Here are 3 links to activities that should have the HR data, but don't:

    Many thanks!


  • All - Sean with Strava Customer Support has found the solution for me, and I hope it will work for you.  As mentioned prior, I had enabled and integrated the Sensors and Location on the Moto 360 Sport, had Moto Body and Google Fit set up to share data with Strava, and all that was working properly.  What did it for me was this:  On your phone, in the Strava app, choose Settings, then choose Wear.  You should see one choice there: Use Device GPS.  Touch the box to enable a check mark, there.  I know there is nothing there that references HR monitor, but once Sean had me enable this, the HR integration in Strava started working, immediately.  I've been on 2 rides this past weekend, and now have full HR information for both rides.  On both rides, I made sure to perform all Start/Stop activity from the Moto 360, not from the Strava phone app.  Not sure if that makes a difference, but just relaying my experience.   Thanks very much to Sean and Shelby with Strava, and good luck to you all.  

  • Looks like its works fine with Moto 360 Sport but not with Moto 360 1st gen or 2nd gen.

    Not sure what is the difference. Have opened a ticket with Strava Support and hope to get an response back soon probably with a solution.

  • 100% agree.  Also consider having the phone doing most of the data handling if it is on the ride as battery utilisation on the wearable device currently needs to be optimised!


    Hi Shelby, here is my first ride, started / stopped / finished exclusively from my Moto 360 Sport:


  • To reiterate the original question, any plans to add support for the original Moto 360 heart rate monitor? Still a lot of people that have these devices. The only answer they can give is that it is only supported on the 360 Sport. I'm currently using Endomondo for most of my rides since it generally gives me heart rate. It's flaky, so of Strava can make it work I would go back to using it more often.

  • Sorry John, no plans at this time to add support for other Moto devices outside of the Sport.

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