Highlight users who I have overtaken (or been overtaken by)!

When I'm out on the road and I see somebody in the distance, more often then not I will make a considered effort to catch and pass them. This usually results in 1 of 2 things; I pass and leave them for dust, or, I pass and then get involved in a nice bit of competition (or a race for 2)! Even better if you pass a group ride ;) Anyway, I have often wondered if any of these riders are on Strava, mostly looking to see if I have passed them 5 minutes into my ride and they have been out for the past 6 hours, or, on the flipside; who the hell that guy was that destroyed me on that climb. Who was he? How often does he ride? Etc etc Would be a great feature and would really up the ante on the competition side of things! I certainly wouldn't be giving in easy to anybody passing me!


  • See "Activity Playback" (aka "Flyby") from Strava Labs:   http://labs.strava.com/flyby/

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  • Wow! Love it! Thanks for the link... It works great!!!
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  • +1 for the OP suggestion.

    FlyBy is an excellent feature, however what is being suggested would take it to the next level.  With the saturation of all segments and leaderboards this could be the boost that Strava needs.  When you get home you would have a score (+ or -) for how many Strava riders you have overtaken (or been overtaken by).  I would love this!

    I essentially already play this game, with my rules being:

    - race has to be at least 1 junction long to count

    - who ever is in the lead when they turn off, wins!

    - if you jump the red, then you are DSQd.

    Having a Dashboard tally of riders passed each day would be awesome!

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