Show me a table or graph or bar chart of my total mileage, hours and climbing by year.

I'd like to be able to see my total mileage, hours and climbing by year so I could on one page see my stats for 2014, 2013 and 2012 and see if I've done more this year than prior years.  Also, would like to be able to tell during the year if I'm ahead of last years' total mileage (or my best year's total mileage).  That's really a separate request.  Thanks!



  • i totaly agree with you

    I need to know how much Kilometers I do in comparisaon of last year, to know where I am in my trainning.

    (Veloviewer can show these information, in a graph )

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  • I agree.  I have just logged in to see totals for 2014, and the profile page has now reset to 2015.  There should be a general summary of these stats (number of rides, mileage, climbing, time etc) in the training log when you select a year, rather than seeing a list of individual activities.  Activities could be accessed by selecting set months (although there could be a overview for each month too).

    It seems strange that this info is offered thought the year on the profile page, but you are not able to access it historically for comparison purposes.  It could be another benefit for premium membership if necessary.  As the historical data increases, more people will want to drill down into previous years' / months' / weeks' summaries to see how they compare with their previous performances.

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