Feedback for the Flyby feature

Move check boxes for rider from table on the left to be on the actual rider themselves.  As it is right now it is clunky to find the person and then scroll through a list of names. 

Indicate direction of travel of the flyby.  Helps identify the person or people you want when there are groups out.

Add a 'select all' box.



  • A Flyby comparison for matched activities would be an awesome comparison tool and for me would become the most important feature of Strava!

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  • Flybys are great!
    A greater time range would be good. Our club recently ran a long distance relay where the runners became so separated in time that there were separate flybys for the same legs in the race.

    I'd like to see the whole name next to the Athlete. I have to keep clicking to bring them up to find who it is. You don't always know everyone's first names in a club race.

    In a handicap race runners start at different times. Being able to show the flybys all starting simultaneously would allow comparison better.

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