Include all Activities with Heart Rate data in Fitness & Freshness graph

Currently only cycling activities are used in calculating the fitness & freshness -indexes. The other activities don't show up as bars at the x-axis at all. I believe many of us are running, skiing etc in winter and would like to see these workouts acknowledged in training index, too.


Janne, Finland


Ashley, Jan 11 01:47 PM:


We developed the Fitness and Freshness feature with cycling science in mind, which is why it is only for cycling at this time.

Please feel free to post your suggestion in our community forums. We use these forums to consolidate and collect feedback from our community so if there is enough interest, it may be something we put on the roadmap.


Strava Support Team



  • and if not using the HRM data, at least the ability to post a manual "training impulse"

    I can say with certainty that when I do the same workout as I did last week, that the impulse is much closer to what I logged last week vs. "zero".

    sadly, if I forget my HRM, then the value is logged as "zero", which makes the graph not-useful to me for several days or weeks.

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  • Pls. do it at least for the running activities - the base for calculation fatigue, TSS etc is much more reliable than even in cycling!

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  • +1 on that. Many of us does cycling specific off-bike training and I'm sure reflecting there (workout) activities on fitness & freshness graph would be appreciated. 

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  • Fitness and freshness should encompass all activities. Not everybody in the world is cyclist or runner. There are various sports in life, which make life more lively. Please include in it other activities which hav hr data otherwise the entire picture is wrong. Inclusiveness should be the guiding mantra.thanks.

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