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Let's say: every first weekend in April there is a ride in city X. I want to download the gpx-file of that ride to install in my Garmin for this years ride.

The only possiblity at this moment is searching on place and/or keywords. But everyone is giving it;s ride different names. Therefore difficult to find. If I could search on a date in combination with the city, it would be a lot easier to find.

This is a feauture which is used in Garmin Connect, and I really do miss this in Strava.

Donald Groen



  • Thanks for the feedback Donald! I can see how setting a date range would be helpful when searching all Activities or when searching "My Activities".

  • Strava, PLEASE can we have an 'order by date' function for the Strava searches. Many rides are repeated each year, and it would be very useful to be able to sort search returns BY DATE. Unless I've missed something, currently the search results seem to be in random order.  To be honest, I don't why this data filter function doesn't exist already - it just seems the logical thing to do...   Thanks in advance Strava!   :-)

  • This is a much needed feature!  I'm finding Strava more fun to use than Garmin connect, but Connect has these types of features dialed.

  • Yes, any progress on this Strava?

  • Any news on that request? I am using it very frequently on Garmin Connect.

  • The activity search with date range should also show the totals for the resulting activities.

    For example, as strava does not offer any support for trainer rides (apart from the possibility to tag a ride as a trainer ride), I would love to have the possibility to search all the rides of my indoor training season (using the date range) and the search would show me the number of rides, the total hours and perhaps also the virtual kilometers.

  • 2 years and still no update on this feature? 

  • Seriously. How hard can it be to add this feature??? I'm an IT consultant and could add this to any application in a day. So frustrating how slow companies move.

  • How is this not implemented? The people who use Strava are people who love analyzing all of their training data and this should be trivially easy to implement. Why would I pay for premium when I wouldn't even get such a simple useful feature like this? It's just modifying the UI and they querying existing data that you have. It wouldn't even require any changes to your database structure.

  • Strava seems to be well aware that there search engine is a 'little wonky', but nothing has apparently been done to rectify things.  Returning search results by date is a very useful feature and a basic omission on Strava.  The search should be upgraded a.s.a.p.

  • Ditto across the board on date search from me too

  • I would love to see this. I'd like to know whether certain trails are snow-covered or not.  Seeing the types of activities on those trails by date would help.  

  • Even if you don't add a sort filter by date, just showing a rough date like 'May 2017' next to activity on the list would be helpful. When I do a search, an activity shown might be 5 years old or 1 month old, and I can't tell without opening each. 

  • To be honest I've pretty much given up on the Strava search having a useful date range function.  Ho hum...

  • I would find it very useful to be able to filter my activities by dates.

    Por ejemplo, saber cuántas actividades he hecho en 6 meses.

    Thanks a lot.

  • I want to see activities from August 2013. Right now I have to go to My Activities and then click the ">" box 100s of times to get there. That element moves (x,y) so I can't even just click repeatedly, but have to move the pointer. Please add some date qualifiers to the search. Need help?

  • I agree with everyone here!!!! Activities search by date - and the ability to scroll forward or backward by activity. 

    Here was my message to tech services:

    It would be very useful if you could add an activity search by date. Sometimes (often), the activity search by title fails. Sometimes I know the date of the activity (based on a Facebook post, for example) but Strava won't let me search by date. What a pain in the... The only way to get to the file is to page back, back, issue if it was 2 years ago.

    Also, sometimes I want to see the activities surrounding one particular activity. It would be nice to go forward one activity or go back one activity. Even see the activities for that week.

    I know there are workarounds for these issues - but a more direct method would be great.

  • I'd love to be able to specify a date range and see how many miles I've ridden during that period.  This would be especially helpful to calculate how many miles I've put on my tires.

  • I agree with Scott Coleman. However, you get this using my equipe and adding components. I know how many kilometers my tires have from a date. Usually, when I change them on my bike.

    I take this opportunity to insist on the implementation of this feature.


  • I would like to have the same as Polar Flow have, they got It nailed. I think you can learn from them In that area. 

    • Choose your activity for example nordic skiing
    •  choose start/end date range or predefined ranges such as "in the last 1, 2 weeks", "in the last 3 months", "in the last year" 
    • After choosing dates,  I would like to see a summary of total kilometers, meters climbed, pace, average speed and so on.
    • in that way you can compare your last years statistics to this year and see If you have improved, or just compare your last month with your current
  • Search Activity By Date Range, or at least showing the Activity Date is probably one of the most frequently requested suggestions for Strava.  I have to believe it is a very simple addition to the system.  If any of you Strava Ambassadors out there can explain why this "upgrade" does not appear to be happening, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thnx

  • 3 years and still no update on this feature?  

    I am not the best at planning MTB routes as it can be tricky to figure out what sections are actually rideable. So as i often do I recently searched for an MTB activity in my local area to follow a new route that the locals have already ridden. About 10 miles in to the route it turns out that a large section had been closed off for for several weeks due to reservoir maintenance. So i was forced to turn back. Later after scrolling and scrolling through searches on strava i eventually managed to find some more recent dates that people had ridden for this route and they all had an alternative way to avoid this section.

    I find that this is also a great way to learn and discover new (dog) walking routes when visiting unfamiliar places. Shame its not possible to search in date order to see what other people have recently walked.

    Come on strava! i may even go premium if you introduce this feature and i would be downloading GPX files all of the time! :)

  • Well it looks like the lack of date ordering of search results is no longer an issue, because the global activities search itself appears to have been removed.   Not really that useful to only be able to search my own rides.

  • Today I had to add up all my rides (3-4/ week) from June from when I last changes my fork oil (Sept) to see how many miles and hrs I had put on the forks.  I used a calculator while Strava has a potentially useful database available that is handicapped by the lack of this useful feature.  Yes it can't be that hard to add if a human can do it with a calculator but what a HUGE waste of time for all of us.  Unless I'm missing something, in which case I apologize, why hasn't this been added after all the years of user complaining?  It's why I won't be continuing my premium membership after Oct. I'm going to look into using Garmin connect for this if they in fact have it now.  


  • It's appalling to have a search without date search. At least add it to the premium subscribers!! or you'll have one less soon.

  • Maybe they do not read this thread.


    But it is not understood that they do not give at least one answer.

  • Any update on this basic feature?

  • Hey Folks! 

    Thanks for taking the time to add comments and upvotes. Unfortunately, this is currently not planned. 

  • I've been using Endomondo for years. But thinking of changing over to Strava. It has some great features.

    The only thing holding me back? Activity search in Strava is very poor. It seems you can search by keyword only! Please tell me I'm wrong?

    Endomondo allows you to search by distance, date, duration, keywords, activity type, tags...


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