Show linked photos on activity page without needing to have an account or log in

I like to share the occasional activity with friends and family members who do NOT have a Strava account.

Currently, if you view an activity page without logging in, you do not see the photos that are linked to that account via Instagram.  You do see the GPS trace, basic ride stats (distance, elevation, time and calories), and even kudos and comments, but no photos.   Only after you log in do you see the photos.

Please show the photos by default, regardless of whether you are logged in or not.   For non-members (particularly family members) - they are probably primarily interested in seeing where you went and the photos of the incredible place you rode to, rather than detailed GPS and calorie stats, or the comments of your fellow bike enthusiasts.



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  • Totally agree. I even turned off the enhanced privacy option, and now the photos appear for non-logged-in users, however they don't appear along the map.

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