Filter activities on the Dashboard's Activity Feed

I'd like the ability to filter out certain types or durations of activities. My feed is getting cluttered with short bits of this and that. It'd be nice to have the ability to select, for example, activities greater than ten minutes or only rides, etc.



  • And nothing wrong with short activities, but the more people you follow, the harder it is to look through in short time frames.
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  • I agree it would be nice to filter on the dashboard.  For example, I personally really just want to see the rides of those I'm following - not see every challenge they subscribe to or swim they may do...the dashboard is filled with way too much clutter now.  I would prefer to not have to stop following someone to get rid of the clutter.  And, as mentioned, this becomes untenable as you follow more and more people.

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  • This appears to be a duplicate topic! Please add your feedback to this existing feature suggestion:


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