Recognize barometric Elevation data from the Edge Touring Plus

There is a known issue with the .fit files generated by the Garmin Edge Touring Plus. Basically, this model has a barometric altimeter, but it's sister model - the Touring - does not have one. Strava doesn't recognise the difference between the two models and therefore discards the barometric data from rides recorded on the Plus.

I have the Touring Plus and at present the only fix for the issue of Strava not picking up the barometric data is to change the .fit file so that the website thinks it's come from a different device... one that it recognises as having the barometric altimeter.

Fortunately, Strava user Kevin Flanagan has created some brilliant tools, one of which does exactly that:

The 'Device Changer' can assign a new device to your .fit file and then all is well! I've changed mine to the Edge 810 and elevation is exactly as required on the Touring Plus. Problem solved!



  • I know this is more of an answer than a question, but I wanted to get the information out into the community. :)

  • I had the same problem (or nearly exactly the same) and I too figured out to correct the device name and then Strava got it closer to correct. HOWEVER this stopped working yesterday! Would be interested to know if still works for you/anyone... REALLY frustrated to always have my actual climbing lowered 25% or more. (And those I rode with have better data... sigh.)

  • @ Team G.

    There was an issue with the FIT files but Kevin has now worked on the code on to rectify - should be all good now.

  • @Stuart - It appears that the issue on our end is that Strava is unable to tell the difference between the regular Touring and Touring Plus devices from the information in the file. We're still exploring if there is a workaround available. Thanks for posting the information and the workaround! 

  • Hello,I have the same problem with the barometric data not being used. Sometimes, strava is adding almost 1.000 meter to the actual elevation of the ride. No need to say that at the end of the month, I have an elevation which is a lot bigger than the actual one.

    Since on top of the barometric altimeter, the 'garmin edge touring plus' model also have an hearth rate monitor, would it be possible for strava to differenciate the two models using this difference ? If there is HR data, then it's a 'garmin edge touring plus' and altitude data don't need to be corrected. if there are not then it's a 'garmin edge touring' and altitude need to be corrected. Of course, it'll still be problematic if someone use the touring plus without the HR.

    Or even better, give the user the choice between altitude from its device and altitude 'corrected' by strava.

  • First, Strava should ask Garmin if it's possible to conclusively distinguish the FIT files of the Touring and the Touring Plus.  I'd be surprised if Garmin had no method to do that, since GarminConnect seems to know which is which with no problem.

    Second, the FIT files from the Edge Touring Plus contain both barometric and GPS elevation data.  The Edge Touring would have no barometric data.  Simply the presence of the barometric data should be enough to tell Strava it's a Touring Plus.  I'm really not believing this is actually a difficult problem to solve.

  • Strava - why don't you just universally treat the Garmin Edge Touring (and thus also the Edge Touring Plus) as if it's an Edge 810 when parsing the FIT files?  I did an experiment to see if your FIT reader for the Edge 810 is robust enough to handle it if the elevation data is simply missing, and it appears that it is.  I used FitFileTools to strip the elevation data from an Edge 810 FIT file, then uploaded it to Strava, and found that it did upload with no error, and further verified that the FIT elevation data was really missing by checking that the corresponding GPX elevation data exported by Strava was in fact all different than the GPX elevation data corresponding to the original 810 FIT file.  This seems to indicate that, if you did as I suggest, the Garmin Edge Touring would still work fine since your FIT reader simply tolerates the lack of barometric elevation data, even though the data appears to come from an 810.  And the Edge Touring Plus would then correctly use the barometric data, as we've already established.

    This would be a trivial change for your programming staff, and seemingly have no downside other than that Edge Touring owners would see their device listed as an Edge 810 on their activities.  But this is no worse than the current situation where Edge Touring Plus owners see their device listed as an Edge Touring.  Obviously, another option would be to recode the Edge Touring FIT reader to expect barometric altitude data, and gracefully handle missing altitude data just like the Edge 810 FIT reader.  Then you'd have no downside at all - bug fixed.

  • Please fix!!  I juist did a 55 mile gravel grinder and my elevation was 1000 feet below a fellow rider doing the same ride (except I forgot to turn my garmin on for the first couple of miles), which was almost 50% of the elevation change.  My friend uses a 810 or 820.   I use fittools but that's a lot of steps.  First, turn off wifi, then put the file on my computer from the Garmin, then disconnect the Garmin, then turn on wifi to work with fitfiles, then upload to Garmin and Strava.  If I don't do that, then I have to delete the file uploaded, and I am concerned that will mess up the data altogether. 

    Please fix so I can use my garmin touring edge plus!!!!


  • The fix is this:

    Keep ride private when uploading. Then download the ride and open with WordPad. Second line says gpx creator. Change the Strava words in quotes to "Garmin Edge 800" (or 810 or 820? 800 works for me). Save. Then delete the original (don't worry you downloaded a copy; personally I use two accounts to do this though, so I never lose one.) Then upload it. The elevation will be corrected.

    Strava climbing challenges were just baloney for me til I found this fix.

    Good luck.

  • Is anyone at Strava actively looking into a fix for this so we don't have to alter the files and can just allow Garmin connect to sync with Strava? seems a lot of faff when I'm used to just plugging the Garmin in and going to make a brew!

  • Following Stuart Key's post I have used Fit File Tools since and the device changer has been successful. Today though, I have been trying to convert the device as normal and been getting an error message. Has anyone any ideas what has happened. It looks like some mods have been done to the site. Has a bug been introduced perhaps? Error is:

    Error: Failed to convert value of type 'java.lang.string' to required type 'java.lang.Integer'. Nested exception is java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "undefined" or

  • Hi Steve,

    I run the Fit File Tools site. Thanks for the heads up about the Device Changer error. I'll have it fixed this evening.

  • The FIT file Device Changer worked again yesterday and I successfully re-uploaded my Sunday ride too, just as I was about to give up on Strava elevation challenges - and they really are a challenge in East Anglia!

  • Steve - the fix I mentioned in my post two above yours isn't difficult and still works.


  • Thanks Kevin and Chickpea R. Excellent responses

  • Hi Kevin, using your app today the last stage where it normally goes to Strava after saying yes to replacing the duplicate file, it pointed to the activity search and said file could not be found. It uploaded the original though. Steve.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I have also been having this problem with elevation discrepencies with my mates.

    Firstly apologies for the dumb question as I am a bit of a techno phobe.

    I have just relised that a .FIT file is the route, do I have to use your "device changer" for every ride that I do?


    Again apologies for a dumb question





  • This issue arises out of a software defect in the ETP.  Fit files created by the ETP contain a device signature of edge_touring.  As we all now know, Strava reads this, assumes the file came from a non-Plus unit, jettisons the barometric altimeter data, and applies elevation "corrections" based on map data.  There is no separate device signature (such as edge_touring_plus) to signify that the .fit file came from a Plus, so for the moment there is no way for Strava to recognize which of the two models produced the file. 

    Frankly, the proper fix on Strava's end for now would be to default to no elevation adjustment for files from Edge Touring devices.  This will cause users of non-Plus models to import their potentially dubious GPS-based elevation data, but at least it will prevent those of us who paid extra for the better model from having our data trashed.

    I have also submitted a support request to Garmin to see if they can update the ETP firmware to incorporate a unique device signature into its .fit files so Strava and other sites can ascertain what sort of device produced them.

    Of note, even Garmin's own Connect website lists the data source for activities imported from an ETP as "Garmin Edge Touring."  Someone really was asleep at the wheel when Garmin put together the firmware for the ETP.

  • From my perspective (using mainly a Garmin Edge 200) the problem is mainly with Strava and their algorithms. I still cannot upload a ride without Strava cutting the climbing to three-quarters, or even sometimes half, of the climbing I actually do. I ride with someone who uses an 800 and their elevations do not seem to adjust (or do so negligibly). Yes, the 200 over-estimates the climbing by about 10%, but certainly not by 50%! (Ex: when I climb a certain mountain in California I know what the climbing data should be and I can compare to others.)

    My point is that while the Edge Touring Plus is a problem in several ways (as above), and I realize this thread is directed at that device, there is also a _massive_ problem with Strava's own algorithms. Until they correct it I have to jump through hoops to get the data right. I'm not at all satisfied with climbing 5,000 ft and having Strava post it as 3,000. It's another reason I won't pay for premium.

  • In general, the Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus navigators are small GPS-enclosures in a secure case (IPX7) that support road navigation, off-road navigation, have a set of special cycle maps that can be run in using one of the modes: Cycling, Tour Cycling and Mountain Bike. Navigators, with a total weight of not more than 100 grams, are equipped with a 2.6-inch touch screen, a lithium-ion battery with a duration of up to 17 hours, as well as a slot for microSD memory cards.

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