Creating a challenge for an Strava club

It would be nice to create a challenge for our Strava club, so that a digital badge can be urned.

It can be in this way an aditional effort to do more club rides and strava rides!

The admin members should create this challenge.

This challenge is based on  an durationof one day! 

This challenge is visable at the announcement page of the club.

Of course everybody can join if they see this challenge.



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    Hello! There appears to be a very similar discussion here. Head over and add your support. 

  • Agreed.

  • This would be nice.


  • exactly what were looking for!

  • we wish :)

  • I am the head cross country coach at Delaware Valley University. I recently created a club as a support group for my team. Training over the summer to prepare for the cross country season can be a challenge for young athletes.  Anyhow,  I thought about creating a challenge for both of our groups, men's and women's cross country, which led me to leave a post here.  I do agree with Mark V. as I thought I about the same ideas as his.  This would be perfect.  

    Coach Moreno

  • #StravaTeam please help us

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