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I'm always looking for new segments to conquer and many times there are some good ones already defined that just don't show up on the segment explorer.  Is there any way to have a "see all segments" option?



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    Thanks for the question! 

    We have a way to rank all segments by popularity. Popularity is determined by segment page views, starring the segment, setting segment goals, etc. In order to make the Segment Explore feature usable and not overcrowded with segments, we apply the popularity filter to show a maximum number of popular segments. When you zoom in, you'll see more segments appear. 

    I can understand the use case of viewing all segments, but we don't have a better solution at this time. 

    An update regarding comments since January 30th, 2018: 

    We are reviewing features that were originally designed for athlete motivation and inspiration to ensure they cannot be compromised by people with bad intent. Read this letter to the Strava community

  • or a page two,three,four of segments

    or better filters? segments over distance x? segments under distance x?

  • Exactly.  The distance filter would be a good one.  Also elevation gain as a filter would work.  You could also select to "See All" segments that start or end within the window being looked at.  If it's too cluttered, it could be filtered by a "show only the most popular" or the others mentioned above.

  • Any news on this?

    Why can't we see some segments in the explorer? 

    for example I cannot find in the segment explorer,%20Attica,%20Greece/type/cycling/min/0/max/0/surface/undefined/center/37.965652,23.791588/zoom/17/map_type/satellite

    Why is that? The segment is not flagged, not hidden from me, is old and has a lot of uses.

  • I've never heard back on any comments I've made about this topic and nobody has any explanation so far.

  • Thanks for the insight. Maybe a filter called "popularity"?

  • It is impossible to some segments in Segment Explorer that I know exist and fairly popular. 

    The explorer shows only segments if both their start and the end fit into the view. If you zoom in, the segment cannot be shown because it doesn't fit. If you zoom out, only 10 most popular segments are shown. And the most popular segment are all the short ones just because they have higher chances to be matched on a larger number of runs. Why I can see a segment that one person did only 3 runs on (if I zoom in) but I can't see my segment that goes through the same area that has 333 attempts by 79 people?

    Furthermore the flat / hilly / steep filter doesn't always help. It considers only the difference between the start and the end and not the actual elevation change along the segment route. A loop segment would always be flat even if it includes 1000 ft of gain per mile. 

  • Sometimes I see segments, move the map and they disappear, and I cant get it to show them again. A list where you could go to page 2, 3, n would be really helpful.

  • Completely agree with this request. I'm always looking for new challenges in my area and the segment explorer screen is next to useless for this purpose. Even a button to say "next 10" so the screen isn't filled with hundreds of segments. That way you could have a look at the 10 on the screen and if none of them appeal then have the option to look at some others. The segment search is no use for this either as you have to know the name of a segment to find it.

  • @ Elle Anderson, I have a good solution for you:

    Remove the filter All Flat Hilly Steep. And add a filter popularity  Least to the Most. That will resolved all issues, by changing the filter we could see all segments in a certain view, just by playing with the filter.

    The problem in your design is having a filter for the user that is different from a filter to the display. That the reason why is not usable.

    Please improve this unusable feature, or give me the source I will fix it for you ;)


  • I too am always looking for new segments to try out. A way to not show segments I have already done would be a way to go. Since I have already done them, I am already familiar with them. A drop down menu to show you newly created segments would be cool also. Similar to the time breakdowns on individual segment pages.

  • +1, a way to page by page sift through all segments, even if it's thousands of pages, would be rad.

  • ++1 some segments appear then dissapear when zooming in and out. You could just limit the number of segments that show on any given zoom level. My issue is that I can zoom in on an area where I know I have created a segement, and Strava Explorer simply says there is no segments there at all. Then I need to trawl back through my rides and find that ride, then I can see the segement ...... plenty of easy fixes to this 

  • The request is still valid, and will continue be more important all the time, as more segments are being created. "Next 10" suggestion was my favourite simple one in this discussion.

  • +1

  • Agreed. Would love to be able to easily search for a good 5k or 10k routes in new cities or neighborhoods.

  • +1 please

  • agree with this a lot.... because you can't see them you can't star them to load to garmin.   this is low hanging fruit for strava and should fit in a sprint.   the popularity filter is broken as many in our area don't/won't show at all....and many of us like them a lot

  • +1. The segment search has to be improved. 

  • Come on, man.... this is an app widely used around the world, with a huge popularity, and the segment search is totally crap, as many other things. I'm not just an angry and impolite user. I'm also a software developer who knows what he's saying.

    Improve the application. Lack of resources can not be an excuse for you

  • we also need a way to differentiate between MTB and ROAD segments!!  many of them are nearby and it will just show you the road segments because they are more trafficed.

  • To be fair, many people won't add their bike, and even if they did, they might then forget to update as they move their computer from bike to bike.

    But don't get me wrong, Strava are bizzarely lazy when it comes to adding new features. In this case, notice how crappy mountain bike segments usually have about one athlete listed on the leaderboard. Strava, could I search only for segments with a minimum number of athletes please?

    There are many such reasonable improvements which Strava could make, but don't. I could make a few guesses as to why they do so little, but I really don't understand them.

  • For goodness sakes, address this Strava.

  • I have found this third party solution:

  • Third party solution still doesn’t show small segments. Please fix Strava !!!

  • I don't have anything new to add, but I'd like to add my name to the list of people requesting this feature.

    As Stanislav C. said:

    'It is impossible to see some segments in Segment Explorer that I know exist and are fairly popular'.

    And Jeff S said:

    'A list where you could go to page 2, 3, n would be really helpful'.

    That's what we'd like and surely it would be relatively easy to implement.

  • Heat Map! Yay!

    Can we get the map a bit more visible so you can figure out where you need to be/ go? Then some filters would be ace (gradient, length, road/ offroad/ downhill... the usual stuff)

    From a newly relocated mountain biker looking for decent trails




  • OK so firstly I just want to dispute Elle Anderson's original explanation of how this works internally.

    In a nutshell, what she suggests is that if you zoom in, segments of lesser popularity will begin to display. I've seen other comments in this thread that suggest that the display is limited to the 10 most popular segments within the viewport. This can't be true, I've zoomed in so that basically the only possible segment is this 500m stretch where I live, and NO segments show up.

    This is relevant because if it worked like it was said to work; I should still be seeing 10 segments, even if the one I hope to see doesn't show up because it doesn't outrank those 10.

    What's actually going on is that there's just a flat-out popularity 'threshold' that bars certain (most) segments from being displayed. The way that it should _totally_ instead work is depending on how many segments _could_ be displayed given the current viewport, display the 10 most popular. That way if I zoom way in on some area I should see less and less popular segments without overloading the client. If you're wondering how to index the segments against the viewport coords; check out rtrees data structure for spatial indexing.

    Also strava I really expected more from your frontend programming team. This is a _widely_ used app, and the solutions I laid out here are not that hard to arrive at, or to implement. Get your shit together (put it in a backpack, take it to the shit store and sell it if you have to. I don't care what you do with it, as long as it's TOGETHER). Hit me up at if you need a real programmer to actually implement this; I'll come in there and sort shit out like god intended. Look me up on linkedin.


  • It is even worse - sometimes I am connecting via a proxy in foreign country. If you now search you will find almost nothing. Even search for correct city and street give you an international result. Zoom in doesn't help.
    So seems some dependency on geolocation.
    The explorer definitely needs filter criteria. The criteria in doogal seems to be perfect, but seems still to have the same issue as the segement explorer itself. Not all segments shown that are definitely there.

  • The segment search feature is now useless for me because there aren't any segments at all appearing in remote areas.


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