Ability to ignore a segment, but retain others in a ride

Hey there,

I realise that there are other 'ignore' threads, but not quite like I would propose.

I've been shuttling a lot lately, and I never remember to pause and un-pause the app (my phone is always tucked away in my bag somewhere) so I end up with KOM's for climbs which I've done in the car. 
This happens to lots of people, and it would be great to be able to select a segment after syncing, and simply 'ignore' it so that I don't claim the uphill times when it's not appropriate, but get to keep my downhill times. 
Currently my rides keep getting flagged, but I don't want to spend ages exporting and cropping each downhill segment, so I just have to make the whole ride private, and miss out on the downhill leaderboards.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting being able to edit the gps data in any way - simply to be able to ignore that segment on that date/time to take myself off the leaderboard in that instance.





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