Ride auto pause based on (low) speed

Since 4.2 my elapsed time is the same as my moving time!

Could we have a feature where any speed below a user-entered level is not registered for when stationary but GPS "sees" movement or when just circling at feeding stations or similar? Perhaps having a range from say 1 - 5mph user entered to stop any silliness!



  • This is so frustrating when I'm sat at the lights and my phone says that I'm doing 4mph or even 0.4mph - a little common sense here would be great

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  • Yup. My Strava stats, particularly average speed and average heart rate, for all of my long bike tours are inaccurate simply because Strava factors in the walking around at rest stops. When I'm averaging 18+ mph for over two hours, walking to the bananas table or to the restroom should not be included in my moving time. Strava needs to allow users to set a minimum speed to activate and deactivate auto-pause. 

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  • I fully agree with that too! Would indead be a great feature to be able to manually set a minimum speed to activate the Auto-Pause feature. So when you have to slow down for lights or other slow downs it doesn't affect your AVG. It would be much much better to adjust this minimum speed, just as Garmin. 

    I have made several test trips with simultaneous use of bike computer (spoke magnet), Garmin device, Mio device and the Strava app.But every time it is confirmed that the Garmin and Mio device are both very close to the value that my bike computer indicates but the Strava app each time is a lot slower concerning the average speed. This because the auto pause in the Strava app is not working properly at traffic lights and resting places . Please come with a solution for this because the Strava app is very nice to use for the rest.
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