Show Average Pace in the record screen.

Please could you add an option to display average pace (rather than split pace) on the record screen whilst recording a run ? As someone who regularly competes in races - i'm much more interested in what my overall pace is over the total distance so far (so i can target a finish time), than the split pace. If I can see that my average pace is slower than it needs to be - then i can speed up. 

At the moment I would have to try and guess finishing time; whereas if i can see that my average pace is 3:45/km, i know i'm on track for a 37:30 10k.

This data is on the record screen and audio announcements of the RunKeeper app, and was the thing i found most useful, when i used RK.


Would also be great if you could tell the app that you're going to run 10k, and have it give you a live estimate of finishing time - though i realise this may be too difficult to implement, and a battery drain.



  • I'm training for London Marathon using a very specific training plan to hit my desired time.

    This involves running at a pre-defined pace and whilst the record screen can't show overall pace, the audio updates (from my phone in an arm strap) every km keep me on track.

    The inevitable problem though will be that on marathon day, with all the cheering, I won't be able to hear the audio updates so to keep myself on track will need average pace on the record screen.

    Will this functionality be available by April 24th? I don't want to have to go buy a garmin but i will need to if my strava / watch isn't going to be able to display average pace as i run.



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  • Hi Tim - I gave up (a long time ago) waiting for Strava on the watch to become useable, and bought a Suunto Ambit 3.
    Can honestly say, I wouldn't even contemplate using Apple Watch / iPhone to track a race ever again  - had so many problems with recording not starting / losing gps mid-race / phone crashing whilst saving activity.

    On my Ambit, I can :

    • Choose whatever I want to be on the screen.
    • Have more than 1 display screen
    • Press a physical button rather than a virtual one (it's a struggle to use apple watch screen with sweaty fingers)
    • Automatically upload to Strava
    • Easily use wearing gloves
    • Reliable heart-rate data from Chest-strap.
    • Not worry about battery dying - very long battery life on my Ambit 3 Peak (it's even good for ultras; not that i plan on doing one !)
    • Much better GPS accuracy.
    • Not worry about it getting wet (it's good for triathlon - even the HRM works underwater)

    I could go on......

    With the amount of money we spend on races - it's worth spending a bit of cash on a decent watch (Suunto Ambit 3 / Garmin 920XT / Garmin Fenix 3 / Polar V800 etc....) There's quite often a bargain to be had on sites like Wiggle, on these watches.


    All the best for your training and the VLM ! :-)


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