Trail Run Mode

The problem is that even when the settings are set NOT to auto pause. Pauses happen when trail running over steep terrain.  I know you have a function where Strava detects when you are running, and if you are not running it pauses regardless of whether you have it on auto pause or not.

With trail running I am constantly climbing mountains where you have to hike and can't run, and as a result, Strava pauses.

Can you please set a function for trail runners, where the iPhone does not pause, no matter what.  I have it as a race mode on my garmin for cycling.



  • Would also be nice to categorize regular runs separate from trail runs.

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  • I have this same problem. When I have to walk up a steep trail section, or when I just need to walk for a while it auto pauses. When I start running again it un pauses, but  I end up with gaps in the data from where I was walking that get connected with a straight line.

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