Selectable temperature units

Surely in this day and age it must be possible to add the option of selecting temperature units.

In the UK we mainly use Miles for distance and Celsius for temperature.

Fahrenheit doesn't mean a thing to me as I was schooled in Metric units ( I'm no youngster either! )






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    Indeed there is a large discussion on the topic here. Thanks for chiming in! 

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  • Tragically Strava are, for reasons best known to themselves (and currently a well-kept secret), incapable or pathalogically uninterested in enabling user-selectable measurement-presentation units.  There is a thread already over 2 YEARS old requesting this, with no sign of any response from Strava...

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  • They seem to want to service their US customers more than us customers

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  • Yes the UK standard is miles and Celsius. I don't have a clue how hot F is. Please can we have this?

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  • Such a simple fix and this is still not done? Camon guys, get this done

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  • My Bryton records in C and then Srava converts to meaningless (to me) F??

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