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Strava is gather billions of data points for similar runners. When I'm gearing up for a race I pick a target and go for it, I'm a novice and I'm not sure if my targets for race time are correct.

What I would love is for Strava to analyse my profile and tell me what the mean, min, and max race times are for runners that do similar mileage and pace as I. This would be very valuable especially for longer distances such as marathons so I know what I should be aiming for and pace myself accordingly. You have the data to make these sort of recommendations.




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  • Yes, Strava knows who has run the same events similar to the way I did, Strava knows if those same runners have done the course I'm interested in, Strava can suggest based on these similarities a prediction of how long it might take me to complete an activity.

    I would like to look up a course and see all other runners' recordings of that course like we used to be able to do, but additionally I would like Strava to suggest the activities on that course of runners that are statistically "like me".

    Thank you.

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