Add filters to Club Leaderboards - current & past month + overall club results

I would like Strava to add the following filters to the Club Leaderboard page;

  1. Addition of two buttons to show 'THIS MONTHS Leaderboard' and 'LAST MONTHS Leaderboard', in addition to the weekly filters we already have.
  2. Add a button/filter to the top of the Club page so you can change the view between 'Last Weeks Leaders' and 'LAST MONTHS Leaders.'  (This would then allow us to view the top 3 athletes in the Club for the last week OR the last month)
  3. Include the Club's overall results (again both for the week and/or the month) at the top of the page.  The Club's overall weekly results is already captured by an existing widget which we can embed in emails/websites, I would just like to see the information actually visible on the Club pages to foster a great sense of community accomplishment and spirit.

I believe that simply by adding these additional views the Club pages would instantly foster a greater sense of Club/community achievement, as well as the individual 'bragging rights' which the existing individual leaderboards currently encourage.  The addition of the monthly views would also make it easier for Clubs to run some sort of in-house monthly challenge (a week is just too short!), while we wait for the ability to create our own Strava challenges.  



  • Being able to view monthly and even Yearly activity totals would be great.

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  • Being able to filter by male or female or by age group would also be useful.  

    And how about a clubs league table, might have to be weighted by the number of members though.

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  • how about giving the club leaderboards feature some love and enhancing it so large clubs can easily be broken down by men/women and age groups like segments?

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