Display distances to two decimal places

Strava - please display distance measurements to 0.01 of a km/mile, instead of the current limitation of one tenth.

The existing granularity of just one tenth of a mile makes it very difficult to meaningfully compare activities, especially for runners where it takes some time to cover that distance.  I'm sure cyclists would also appreciate the change.

This limitation has been identified in a number of threads as the reason people use other apps so should be of concern to Strava.



  • I'm also a premium user and this is the thing that has me on the verge of cancelling.  I agree with Seth--if you're going longer distances then then 1/10th of a mile is fine, but for anyone running something less than 10 miles or so, having that extra degree of precision is important.  

    I use the Strava app on my apple watch for this and it's really frustrating that I can't see anymore precision while running.  And like others have said--it seems to be a client issue purely.  When I've exported the runs to Garmin, they show up with the correct distance to the hundredths place.


  • Sames issue, just tried Strava for the first time and I could not figure out how to show the hundreths of a mile for my 5K. I assumed I was just missing something in the options until I stumbled across this thread. Not having hundreths for short runs is pretty frustrating.

  • An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.

  • looks like there is a new feature where you can correct the distance to what your gps actually recorded now.  I have just tried on my desktop (can't see it on app).  Look at your activity and there is a ? below distance to click on.

  • Please add this feature, as I find it frustrating when trying to train to get good 5km times.

  • Correcting the distance to what GPS says still shows the distance to tenths only. Does not address the issue at all.

  • No brainer!

  • Sorry. But having the two decimal only on the website does t do anything. For me. I don’t have the website up while running. I want two decimal points during my run

  • Elle writes:
    "The mobile app will continue to display the distance to the tenth."

    Any estimate on when the mobile app will be updated as well?

  • Elle writes:
    "The mobile app will continue to display the distance to the tenth."

    Too little, too late. Glad I transitioned off of Strava rather than wait for a fix. I NEVER use the website - that sort of defeats the purpose of having a mobile display since I want to know the data while I am using the application. Displaying on the website isn’t a fix. 

  • Thanks for changing the web site to display distances to two decimal places. Much appreciated. I also would like to see the mobile app do the same.

  • Kudos to Strava for finally fixing this issue although it really needs to be carried over to the mobile app to be a compete fix since I suspect most of us use that more than the website.

  • thank you Strava to listen to us and display 2decimal.

  • I've looked at a few of my runs (as that matters more, obviously) and it appears like everything is the same comparing website to app, except that the website shows the .10 to the apps .1. So i'm confused; what is different here? Have you changed the value to accept the correct distance as measured by GPS units, or are you fudging an extra number onto the website distance value? Or is the app simply displaying the correct measurements but you're excluding the 100ths value from distance for some reason?

    There should be differences in my smallest runs, as they've underestimated my distance by as much as 3% as compared to Garmin files before now, but the pace figures are still the same here, like nothing has changed.... Is this not retrospective? Am I missing something obvious?

  • This needs to be updated on the android wear app. I find running to a tenth of a km so frustrating when tracking using my watch and the strava app.

  • Just wanted to give Elle Anderson some well-deserved recognition for the excellently written explanation for "How Distance is Calculated."  It is explained very clearly with just the right amount of information.  Probably involved some good editing, or even trialing on real people.  Thanks, Elle.

  • Thank you Strava! How about changing the training log too? And the total distance for the week (or at least round it properly). And the mobile app, of course. 

  • So much better for track interval training! Thank you!

  • Thank you for the update Elle. It's unfortunate that strava cannot match its competition in providing accurate distances that are so important to runners. It has been a long wait for a very disappointing result. Thank you for your efforts.

  • I agree it would be nice to have delineations in hundredths (0.01) for short, usually slower activities like runs.  Looks like you're getting somewhere :-) 

    However, I am highly skeptical regarding the actual "accuracy" or "precision" people think they will be getting.  Given the various algorithms used by GPS units and the three Strava employs, neither the accuracy (how close to actual), nor the precision (repeatability of multiple distance measurements of the same course) has ever been consistent in my experience.  GPS devices may say they have an accuracy of 10m, but that is a measurement of one non-moving point under ideal conditions.  Trees, buildings, houses, movement, single frequency (military uses two), and electronic interference all contribute to degradation.  Add up the flat, straight-line distances between these points including outliers (forget :-( any vertical), and watch curves/sharp turns turn into estimations, and you can guess how it will affect distance totals.

    For example, one running route has occasionally yielded +/- 0.1 mile readings on the same device on different days, and also on two devices carried on the exact same run numerous times.  Usually they are closer, but doubtfully within 0.01.

  • Thank you, I appreciate the additional digit on the web site.  It is an improvement, and definitely nice when reviewing workouts, AFTER the fact.  We still need the additional digit on the app for real time.  Think of it this way.  Let's say you are a walker and walk at 4 miles per hour.  The first indication you get, on the app, that it is actually recording distance comes in 1.5 minutes.  Now assume the same level of notification for someone riding a bike at 20 miles per hour.  The only distance updates they would get would be for each half mile.  Do you think this would be acceptable? 

    It is also worth noting that 1) more accurate distance is being used to update "Split Average Pace" which is displayed on the app and continually being updated and 2) there is plenty of space on the display to show the hundredths digit.  So, since the data is available, PLEASE share it with us in real time.  

  • Why not have an preference option? As a cyclist I have no reason to see a 100th decimal. Let us change it back.

  • Hi Elle and Strava.  I believe most people don't really care about the website.  What we care about is our laps around the track -- a quarter mile.  We care to know if 3.9 miles means 3.91 or 3.99 when we are finishing our run and deciding if we should go to 4 or not.   We want the hundredth decimal place on the app and watch WHILE we are running.


  • I disagree with the concerns about accuracy. No, GPS will not be accurate to hundredths. You will get variance in the distances recorded. But I've looked at this before, and just took another look, and GPS does a lot better than tenths.

    I have a route I use regularly that is roughly 5 miles, much of it under dense foliage. Not a best case scenario. Here are the distances over the past few months: 5.02, 5.05, 5.06, 5.04, 5.03, 5.03, 5.02, 5.01 ... Now there was probably some variation in the actual route I was running too, after all a hundredth of a mile is only about 50 feet, but those are pretty consistent distances.

    I have also done comparisons with distances measured by my GPS watch and Google Maps and US Geological Survey maps. Similar accuracy to the actual distance. Within a few hundredths of a mile for runs of 2-6 miles. There is other data out there (one I quoted much earlier in this thread from a marathon showed accuracy much better than tenths).

    There are certainly worst case scenarios where GPS will do badly. And there are watches that are not very good. But showing hundredths is reasonable. And very necessary for things like interval workouts where the laps will often be a few hundred meters.

    So I very much appreciate having hundredths on the website, and hope it will happen on the mobile app soon.

  • @Mark 8RiderI am not sure what kind of device you use but I get very consistent mileage with my Suunto Ambit3 which is one of the best in terms of accuracy, if not the best, GPS watches currently available. I do the same few routes regularly and the mileage usually comes within 0.01-0.02 miles. There are outliers occasionally but I find the distance to be consistent in general. 

    But the main problem with not displaying hundreds of the mile was the way Strava rounded the result. It was quite annoying to see e.g. exactly 3.00 miles on my watch and then see that run displayed as 2.9 miles on Strava because the actual distance measured by the watch was something like 2.997. At least now Strava would display it as 2.99.

    The right solution that I doubt Strava would implement is to display a varied precision depending on the distance - 0.01 for distances up to 10 miles, 0.1 miles for distances above 10 miles. I think that would satisfy everyone. And while Strava is at that it should finally do the proper rounding. 

  • My two cents. As a cyclist I personally like seeing the extra precision in the recent website update. It is not a game changer by any means, but I like it anyway. However, as a runner I really like seeing the extra precision. I would appreciate being able to see this precision in the app too.

  • I'm probably in a minority here - maybe because I'm only a cyclist not a runner, but I really don't like the 2dp presentation of distance. It's just not necessary for cycling activities.

    Great to see Strava respond to user feedback - however I feel like this time and effort could have been better spent elsewhere!

  • Why isn't this a feature on mobile? I don't take my computer with me on runs so why can it only be accessed on a computer? You guys have really bad support when it comes to releasing new features. The experience on the phone and the desktop site is so inconstant. It might not seem like a big issue, but these are bad engineering practices. As soon as I find a better tracking app, I will highly consider switching. 

  • Missed a 10k pr by .01 miles because the mobile app still only shows to one decimal place. Changing it on the website doesn't help people who rely on their apple watch display to determine when their run is over. 

  • Strava - you are not addressing the issue raised by your users. Changing the apps to show 2 decimal places is what people want. Changing it back n the website is almost useless. Please listen to your users and change the apps to show 2 decimals.

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