Display distances to two decimal places

Strava - please display distance measurements to 0.01 of a km/mile, instead of the current limitation of one tenth.

The existing granularity of just one tenth of a mile makes it very difficult to meaningfully compare activities, especially for runners where it takes some time to cover that distance.  I'm sure cyclists would also appreciate the change.

This limitation has been identified in a number of threads as the reason people use other apps so should be of concern to Strava.



  • Hi there, thanks for the update to the website, however as I only use the mobile version, I am wondering when the change will be carried over to the mobile version as well. I, like many other users, see this as a key feature on a GPS tracking app, particularly as I believe most of us want that information in real time, i.e. as we are on the run, not when we finish up and go back to our computers. Is there any news on when the mobile version will have the update too?

  • Left this app a few years back because of the missing digit. Now you’ve added it into the website but not the app?? Lame 👎🏾

  • What’s going on with this? Looks like people have been complaining for years? I’m trying very had to switch from Nike because of some horrible business practices of theirs. That said Strava isn’t making it easy. No hundreths of a mile?? That’s such an easy fix! There’s no interval training mode, there’s so little “social” aspect to running. No challenges, no groups etc. Literally all the developers need to do is look at other apps for ideas and build them. Not even asking for new ideas - just the same as what’s currently expected.

  • Are there any plans to change this on the app or Apple Watch? I currently use Nike run club and want to start using Strava but this is keeping me from switching.

  • Displaying two decimal places is a must have. I'm trying Strava out again after many years and so far there a few features that are lacking. I shouldn't have to go to the website to add shoes and I should definitley be able to see my distance accurately. I like a lot of the features but there seem to be a lot of hoops to set this up. Runkeeper is my current app and all of these features are on the app.

  • Has anyone noticed despite over 100 posts complaining there is very little action and even fewer responses. Whilst I enjoy using Strava it is very limited in suitable functionality and they appear unwilling to deal with the issues.

  • Strava is doing it’s best to create data for a future business case illustrating a company that failed by ignoring it’s customers and assuming the attitude that they know better.

    I haven’t used Strava in at least a year now as I switched to Runkeeper after realizing they really don’t care.

    I follow this thread out of sheer incredulity at how willfully a company can silently thumb it’s nose at it’s customers. A year after leaving they continue to reinforce my conclusion that waiting was futile.

  • > Has anyone noticed despite over 100 posts complaining there is very little action and even fewer responses.

    Definitely noted. Strava has demonstrated that they care nothing about their client base. Thankfully, I never bought the upgrade. And now I know enough never to give Strava money for anything. 

    I don't get it why Strava doesn't understand that if you ignore your customer, your business will be in trouble, but apparently, Strava feels that they can do without customers

  • I'm disappointed this hasn't been added. I've now downloaded RunKeeper on the advise of a previous post.

  • As the app is the biggest portal for your consumers I would suggest making the update to app so that it reflects the distance of people’s efforts

  • Please allow manual activities to be entered to the hundredth of a mile.  I manually enter my treadmill miles and miss out when I can’t put in the total distance.   Small amounts add up!

  • Badly need this in the app, and for manual activities. Can’t believe this is taking so long and requires so much feedback.

  • I am confused about why this is even a question. Seems like enough users want the second digit, the Apple Watch is capable of getting that precise, so at least give us the option!

  • Elle Anderson, I like the fact that we can now view to 1/100th on the website. But I would like to be able to see that on the App as well. 

    Garmin is what I use, and they give me the data to the 1/100th, straight from my phone. I then use that data to input into my Cycling Mileage spreadsheet. It would be a large pain to have to go online to get that data from the Strava website first. On the rare occasions that I use my phone app, I would still like to be able to get 1/100th data from the phone, without having to go online...!

    Oh, and PLEASE now get us the ability to Search, especially in Routes...!

  • While GPS may not measure run distance reliably to 0.01 km, it does do better than 0.1 km, so showing only to 0.1 km introduces error, and rounding down to 0.1 km definitely introduces a systematic error. By all means show the second decimal place in a lighter shade of grey, but showing all my 5km runs on carefully measured courses mostly as 4.9 km is annoying, and I won't pay for product that does this. Please fix this.

  • Making it available on the website only is pointless - I can't see that until I get home! The time I need the 100th is when I'm out running. The distance between 10th of a mile - or a kilometre - is just too big. Mapmyrun/endomondo don't seem to have any problem showing that level of 'granularity' on their app.  

  • I can’t imagine what would warrant so much caution about making this simple change.

    First of all, not having feature parity between different versions of your app (web app and mobile app) is confusing at best; but really it’s just plain annoying. Either way, it leads to a bad user experience.

    Next, it’s not as if that additional decimal would introduce any wild inaccuracies. Showing 1.19 when the actual distance was 1.22 or 1.16 would be more accurate than showing 1.1. To guarantee that truncating was more accurate than the recorded distance, you’d have to know that phone GPS receivers overshot by more than .05 miles or kilometers every time, which is absolutely not the case and would be proportional to total distance anyway.

    Besides, since you’re willing to show two decimals on the website, that tells me accuracy isn’t what you’re worried about in the first place. So clearly you have another reason for hiding the second decimal in the app. I just don’t see how it could possibly be a good one.

    Now consider this scenario of a former couch potato who’s just decided to run their first 5k. Due to GPS inaccuracies and various other factors, the recorded distance ends up being 3.099 miles. Right off the bat, that’s a disappointment. But Strava chooses to take it one step further, telling that user/customer that they ran .11 miles short of a 5k, thus stripping them of their sense of accomplishment, possibly discouraging them, and generally making them feel bad about themselves. They were looking forward to bragging about it, but now they don’t want to share their activity on social media, because a 5k isn’t 3 miles. Well done, Strava.

    Is that an unrealistic exaggeration? You can already see from this thread, it’s not uncommon for people to get upset over missing .1 mile. So why risk alienating your user base, when you have nothing to gain from your decision? People don’t use products that make them feel bad about themselves, period.

    Lastly, and perhaps most tellingly, just about every fitness app out there shows distances to the second decimal. I’ve *never* seen anyone complain, “I really wish this app only showed a single decimal!” Now look at Strava. Pages upon pages of complaints about the missing decimal, spanning years.

    If this isn’t a no-brainer, I don’t know what is. At the very least, round to the nearest tenth.

  • Great comment, Phong! I bet Strava worries about the layout in mobile app UI. An extra digit of distance precision means more space needed for distance in various parts of the App. But that is silly because they already have a problem with the layout so an extra digit isn't going to make it any worse. There are 4 possible fields that are supposed to be shown for any activity in the feed, but Strava always shows only 3 because their UI layout wastes so much screen estate un unnecessary whitespace. So in reality they show only 3 fields and a bunch of empty space, clearly enough for an extra digit. As a software engineer myself, I can't possibly think about any other reason.

  • JoJo, Strava still shows moving time for everyone. Personally I'd rather see elapsed time though. They have a poorly documented hack, that switches from moving time to elapsed time when you record your activity with a Garmin watch and press a pause on your watch at least once (or use an auto-pause). Is that your case by any chance? 

  • @Stanislav C. - I am not seeing moving time in Android in Strava hikes I have recorded.  In fact, all past hikes have been converted to the new UI display which has removed moving time for all my past hikes also. 

    If you are truly seeing moving time ON ANDROID on your cellphone, then you can insert a screenshot in a reply to show that you are seeing this.  Otherwise I have to assume that you are posting from your hip.

    I want to see BOTH moving time and elapsed time, which is how it used to be on Android and STILL IS on Windows Web Strava.  Again, elapsed time alone is of no value, especially if you desire to compare against others, who might have rested for different time periods or not rested at all.



  • @Jojo, this is simply ridiculous. Everyone that I know in trail running community complains that Strava cuts too much time when it displays moving time in the app - just search for "moving time" here on support site and you'll see similar complaints. And you are trying to convince me in opposite.

    Is this enough proof for you? It says "moving time" below. This was mostly off trail on very steep terrain so I can assure you this was way slower than 17 min/mile. Why do you think the app shows elapsed time?

  • @Stanislav C. - I can see one difference in that you are classified as a "Run" and I use "Hike".  I also see that you are displaying Pace where I get Avg. Heart Rate.  Also, are you premium or free?  And what Android version are you on?

    I will try using Run instead of Hike on my next activity (Sunday) ad see if that changes anything.

    Sorry to thread jack everyone!  Moderator, can you move these posts to a new thread maybe?

  • Just switched from Nike+ Running and purchased a year of Premium. Really disappointed not to have the option to show .01 as run with iPhone or AppleWatch. It may not be perfectly accurate, but it is more accurate than just using the tenth. I can more easily learn to work with it.

    Please post an update for the folks asking for this and help us get this released!

    Thank you!

  • Why doesn't the map show the km markers on a run.  I also use pacer which shows all the km marks so you can see when the pace is slow it was uphill for example or fast doing a downhill sprint.  I find this lack of info on the map very annyoying!

  • Why doesn't the map show the km markers on a run.  I also use pacer which shows all the km marks so you can see when the pace is slow it was uphill for example or fast doing a downhill sprint.  I find this lack of info on the map very annyoying!

  • As a Strava premium member, I am very disappointed that Strava does not show .01 on the mobile IOS app or AppleWatch.  After so much time and so many users requesting this feature enhancement, it's left me wondering whether Strava cares about what their customers want.

  • It's kind of nuts that a year later there's no parity between the app and website. I'm even having runs that show 4.10 on my Garmin and in Connect showing as 4.0 in Strava app. Know your demographic. You have people who will run circles around a parking lot at an end of a run to get to an even mile and then you truncate it? Ridiculous. 

  • Will, why are you wondering if Strava care, thought the answer was obvious- they couldn’t care less. I’m going to ditch my Premium account and use the basic.

  • Agree with Andrew. I also always run a bit extra at the end to get it to a next tenths of mile because I hate when Strava truncates my mileage, however Strava still manages to sometime truncate 0.02-0.03 miles from the distance, so when I have something like 3.31 miles on my watch Strava still displays that as 3.2 miles. That is absolutely ridiculous considering how much screen space Strava app wastes on other things. 

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